Stimulate This...Stimulate That...


  • July 17 2009
    Stimulate This...Stimulate That...
    By  Eric Bass

    Hey guys!

    Eric here. Just wanted to give you guys a little bit of insight into the backstage goings on out here on the Stimulate This Tour. First of all I am happy to announce that all of the bands are getting along. We all actually seem to like each other. I would love to be able to give you all some good dirt, but there is none. All of us hang out on a nightly basis. Shinedown throws a BBQ every night, and all bands are welcome. Everybody contributes and it's a great time! On any given night you can find Aaron from Staind and Brent sitting around talking. Pete and Sam from Chevelle having some drinks, with Sam's amazing wife taking care of Barry's tip jar. Barry has been manning the grills of course. I made the ultimate IPod playlist...and by ultimate I mean ULTIMATE! (Holla!) I also get to do the dishes. Whooo Hooo!! Zach is always single handedly keeping Myspace and AIM up and running. And last but not least, the Halestorm guys and girls do all of the eating! ;)

    The Shinedown camp has become addicted to frisbee this year as well. We play at least twice a day weather permitting. We are in the constant search for the ultimate frisbee, so if you have any suggestions, let us know! I have also rediscovered my long lost love of skateboarding to my band's, and tour manager Doug's, dismay. They have, however, made me start wearing wrist guards. I feel like a punk, but I gotta be able to play bass every night, so I get it.

    We've got our boy Jake back out here with us again finally! He's getting all of us back in shape after our 'every night beer bender' that we went on in Europe. We work out a couple of times a day. Maybe we can take our shirts off on stage again soon...maybe.

    Anyway, that is just some of what is going on behind the barricades this summer on the Stimulate This Tour! We are having a blast, and you guys are making it possible. If you have been to a show already, we hope you had fun! If we haven't gotten to you yet, hang in there we're coming!


    From the Road


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