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Brent and Insanity Weight Loss

Did you know that Brent lost 70 POUNDS using Insanity? Check out this inspiring segment they did on his transformation:

For more details about Insanity and to purchase this incredible program:


One Full Week Left For The Last iPad Giveway Contest!

There is still one full week left until we announce the winner of the 'Amaryllis' Bloom New iPad Giveway Contest! The winner of the 32G iPad will be chosen NEXT Monday. For information on how to enter check out Brent's video or follow the instructions below!


Here’s how it works:

1) Upload a photo of yourself with the ‘Amaryllis’ artwork. Be creative, be edgy, and spread the word as much as possible! We’ll pick the most creative entry each week. Make sure you select the "Amaryllis Bloom" category when uploading otherwise your entry doesn't count.

2) Winners will be posted the following


One Week Left for the Last 'Amaryllis' Bloom iPad Contest Giveaway!

This is the fourth and final week of the 'Amaryllis' Bloom iPad contest ! Stay tuned as we announce the final winner of the 32G new iPad along with Brent's video!

Still want a chance to win the iPad? Follow the instructions below!

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