Idaho Falls , Idaho


  • August 30 2008
    Idaho Falls , Idaho
    By  Brent Smith

    Hey guys, this is Brent. I normally don't get around to putting stuff on the website that much BUT I would like to thank every single individual who attended the Idaho Falls Show Tonight!!! Because for me and the rest of the band you are an absolute inspiration to all of us by not only knowing ALL the songs from ALL the records but giving us the explosive reaction we have seen in a VERY long time in front of a live audience. We hope all of you - Male and Female - have been enjoying our new album The Sound of Madness, which is our 3rd Studio album. You made this show absolutely spectacular and we love you more than words can say!!!!! Remember to log on to and talk about YOUR "Second Chance" because we want to hear ALL of your stories because our new site is dedicated to ALL the people who want to talk about the new single and THEIR "Second Chance" in life and what meaning the song holds for them. As always we love, adore and cant live without you and all of the support you have given us over the years. This our way of getting even closer to you as our fans and the people in our lives . We love you unconditionally and we will always show up and be there for you as long as you want us there. Blessings to you ALL!!! And Remember YOU'RE the Boss!!

    We love you and thank you for ALL of your support.

    As Always . . You are above # 1 Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

    Brent , Barry , Zach , Nick , Eric & all of the Shinedown Crew

    From the Road