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I don’t think these guys can…

I don’t think these guys can make a “bad”song or album, love all of their music!!! See:


I can't get enough of this inspiring anthem. It's like a shot of positivity straight to the heart every time I listen.

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This is a well produced…

This is a well produced video. I enjoyed watching it.


Amazing vid, been blasting latest album on repeat during my 20 mile hike :D
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This is a great video.

This is a great video.

This is an amazing song! The…

This is an amazing song! The powerful vocals and uplifting lyrics make it a true anthem. |

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What a nice video. It is impressive.

It is surprising how many…

It is surprising how many people can relate to Shinedown’s music. Which are more like a life story. I started listening to them when they first came out and they only get better. There music are really moving. The vocals lyrics instrumental all have a meaning. A purpose in life.

This song got me through the…

This song got me through the darkest of days with my daughter who had cancer.... I sang this to her everyday..... And she defies doctors everyday because she's still here.. Thank you Father God and Shinedown SEE:

Very nice performance! I…

Very nice performance! I will share this to

I listened to it many times…

I listened to it many times because it suits my music taste

Love it!

This is an inspiring anthem that encourages listeners to persevere through tough times and find the strength to keep moving forward. |

I totally agree with you…

I totally agree with you

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