Second Chance by Shinedown


  • May 29 2009
    Second Chance by Shinedown
    By  Shinedown WebCrew

    Attention Shinedown fans everywhere. We have gotten a lot of questions about the lyrics for Second Chance so here they are (note: you can also get lyrics to all of their songs on the music page):

    My eyes are open wide
    By the way I made it through the day
    I watch the world outside
    By the way Im leaving out today

    I just saw Hayleys comet she waved
    Said why you always running in place?
    Even the man in the moon disappeared
    Somewhere in the stratosphere

    Tell my mother, tell my father
    Ive done the best I can
    To make them realize
    This is my life
    I hope they understand
    Im not angry, Im just saying
    Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

    Please dont try one tear for me
    Im not afraid of what I have to say
    This is my one and only voice
    So listen close, its only for today

    Here is my chance
    This is my chance

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    Thanks for all the support!
    -The Shinedown Webcrew