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Kickin' Thai Style Beef Salad

I hate to give this one away as it is my one of my secret weapons, but here goes:

Kickin' Thai Style Beef Salad  

What you need:

2 lb. Beef Rump Roast or similar piece of good beef


Rub for the Beef:


3 Tblspn of Thai Red Curry Paste

1/4 cup of Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon of Soy Sauce

1 Tablespoon of Brown Sugar



For the Salad:  

Mixed Greens (I enjoy getting a couple bagged salads that I like and then adding some rocket etc.)

1 English Cucumber seed and sliced thick into nice half moon shapes.  (I like to leave the skin on but                that is a personal preference. )

1/2 of a med.

Devour This

Set List for Carnival of Madness

So we have been sitting down racking our brains trying to figure out our set lists (yes lists) for the Carnival of Madness tour.  We would love to hear from you what songs you really want to hear.  If you feel like making a 15 song set list or just telling us a couple that you really want to hear, that would be awesome.  This is your chance, let us know.  Barry


And so it begins again

Hey All,

     So it is that time again.  With the newly designed website, I am able to blog much easier.  So starting today I am back in business.  Expect new recipes in Devour This as well as the beginning of a new beer blog.  Can't wait to let all of you into the world of Kerch.  Until Then-----------Peace, Love, and Cold Beer


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From the Road

Breaking Inside

Oh Europe, how we love thee. We cannot begin to give enough thanks to all of our new fans across the great big ocean. We had an absolute blast and have a lot of fond, although slightly hazy, memories that will last us a lifetime. The jet lag was definitely worth the trip. I think we have all lost a day of our lives though. Planes during the Holidays are something else. Hopefully we will see all of you again in the near future, as long as you will have us.

From the Road

Epic Stuffed Jalapenos

Recipe By: Rock and Roll Recipes
Serving Size: 10


25 whole Jalapenos, Cored and seeded
2 bricks Cream Cheese
2-4 Tablespoons Favorite Spice, Adjusted to your taste


Hey everyone. This Rock and Roll Summer Camp recipe is one of the
easiest you can possibly make. It is best over a nice charcoal grill in
the summer while drinking a cold one. Here is what you do:

Core and seed the jalapenos. In a separate bowl mix the cream cheese with some of your favorite spice. I typically use just a bit of Italian seasoning.

Devour This


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