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What A Shame

What A Shame

Posted by: Shinedown
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on March 24, 2010 - 1:49pm
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I am proud to hear songs of awareness and caring for less fortunate others. there has been way too much hate and anger in music for years. maybe it will help everyone see that we are not all the same. thank goodness music is universal. rock&roll for ever

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This song hits home every time I hear it. I lost a good friend to addiction and stress. He was someone who loved everyone and only a few knew him well. - RIP Joe.

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The beautiful thing about music is that each song is a gift given to us by the people who collaborated to make it what it is. They give it to us, and then we are free to make it ours.

I’ve read the comments below, and I’ve shed tears for many. When I heard this song I made it mine in a personal way as well. After years of denial and repression I unwillingly came to the conclusion that I’m gay – married and living in a socially and religiously conservative family. I hid my secret from everyone and I hid my two sloppy attempts at suicide. Finally, I came out to my wife, my parents, and church leaders… that night I executed a carefully planned suicide attempt – I woke up in complete disbelief two days later in the Intensive Care Unit.

To me this song speaks strongly of how I’ve been judged by the people I have the most love and sympathy for. I just wish they could understand that “we’re not all the same” I can’t help who I am. I’ve gotten help, but life still isn’t easy for those of us who have been subjected to judgment for “a life that you can’t change”, not even if I could change.

So “thank you” to every person who made this powerful song possible.

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Another fantastic song..I can listen to you guys all day :D

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I have been listening to rock and country music all my life.
I've heard some great bands in my life, and have seen many of them live. I will have to say that Shinedown is one of the greatest bands that I've had the pleasure of listening to in 30+ years. The intensity and messages of your music are second to none. I look forward to many more decades of fine rock. KUTGW!!!

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I love this song it reminds me of when i came back from vietnam. i was treated as if i was dead to my friends who opposed the war. i felt guilty for a long time but im over it now. shinedown has to be one of the greatist lycrical bands i have heard in 60 years. GOD bless SHINEDOWN they say it all, the way people feel in their lives. keep up the great work

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I have struggled with addiction for 20yrs all though you would never know it if you seen me,no one would believe it. Im 45 mother of 2 soon to be grandmother. Ive hid my addiction to pills from everyone till recently when I finally went to rehab to get help. Its amazing how differently pople look at me and treat me now like Im a bad person. What a shame im still the same caring loving person I have always been. People can be so unfair. Thanks again for another song that has changed my life <3

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i wish we had more bands like Shinedown. they are the greatest.

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your best song, everynow and then i cry when i listen to this song. cant wait to seee you guys in april

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This song kills my heart. My step-father battled addiction, and was lost to it almost three years ago, this is his song. When I hear it, it reminds me of him. He would have loved it. He was a good man, but that isn't what people saw when they looked at him.

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Can't wait to see you guys again

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The whole Cd is good I have played it so much i had to get a new one Thanks Guys!

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the best,,second chance

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this song makes me think about all of my fellow military veterans who are homeless & needing a helping hand.
it makes me cry to think that for everything that our veterans have given & done for this country, that they get treated like second- and third-class citizens!!!!

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This soul touching song has helped me heal after losing my brother. Thank you for your amazing music!!! Shinedown forever!!!!!

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An amazing Video! Very, very beautiful song. Lyrics are sad, but with a bit hope! Thank you guys for your music!

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This was one of my favorite songs from the album, but I really love this music video. It really puts it together beautifully.

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Absolutely Beautiful......

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This song is absolutely beautiful, as is the video :) you guys and your songs have the amazing ability to touch people's hearts and souls like no other band can. Thank you so much for sharing your God givin talent with the world!

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What a shame...everyone everywhere has not heard this...What a shame that not ALL people who have did not LISTEN and take to heart...I see this soo much in my job, my life...thanks for this gift guys; keep on writing from the heart and shooting straight from the lip!

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love love love the truth in this song!!!!!!!!!

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touches my soul and inspires me in my art

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I can't get into the car or touch a computer without putting this song on... I don't have the words to say how much I love this song

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This song was an outlet for me when my stepdad died of cancer!!!!

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This just cuts trough my soul....

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love almost all you guys songs

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What a great song in times like these.

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Thank you guys! Your music helped me grieve the loss of my brother when he chose to leave this world seven years ago and now it is helping me with the loss of my husband and the father of my children who ended his life 12 days ago. My husband was a lost man in this world and I felt I needed to speak for him at his funeral and this song and video was my eulogy for him. I can not thank you enough for giving me the words I needed. (FYI when my 11 year old saw this video his response was "spot on" regarding his father). My boys and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And now I am starting to understand that my pain is a gift.

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This video is amazing! I love how it's all drawings! It is so creative. The lyrics are amazing. I love the message of the song why judge a person when no human being is the same! :)