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Unity (Official Music Video)

Unity (Official Music Video)

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on April 23, 2012 - 6:49pm
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BarbaraAnnSkocymenkel's picture

Made me cry.. these soldiers never know if they are coming home as their comrads fall around them and yet they go out and fight, just as our country taught and told them to do. 

philrunck's picture

i saw shinedown twice this year, i hope to see them next year. cant wait ! i just cant get enough of their music !!

philrunck's picture

shinedown best ever

jtitus09's picture

I still dont know what is cooler... The fact that you shot this at Rockfest 2012 or that I WAS THERE!!! Come back to Kansas City... Again!!

Peteypoohs's picture

This is an utterly amazing track. One of many by Shinedown though! Their music is just awesome and I thank them so much for being a big part of my life!

buffy1025's picture

It will never cease to amaze me how much Shinedown's songs are such an integral part of my life. My dearest husband, I will sing "I'll follow you down" loud enough for you to hear in Heaven. I love you Matthew. You are my everything

TinaMariaD's picture

Put your hands in the air if you hear me out there <3

hanely's picture

Wow that brings up so many incredible visuals! Amazing song!

redlegnation's picture

Shinedown is no doubt the world's greatest rock band. I had a chance to see them for the first time on Feb 16 in Lexington, Ky. It definately won't be the last. Keep rockin guys. Maybe I can figure out how to use this site and hear some good tunes.

pupfoster1's picture

love, Love, LOVE this song/video! Can't wait to see you guys again on Tuesday in MD!

MegS84's picture

I Love this song and video

AmandaStrickland's picture

I never thought I could fall in love with a band so many times over again! Each album you produce touches me in a different part of my heart and soul! Thank you for writing such heart felt lyrics! I love you guys and can't wait to see you in concert again! Biggest wish on my bucket list is to meet you guys!! Would be a dream come true! Rock on SHINEDOWN!!!

Kswcats's picture

Hey whats up Shinedown was in KC,Ks when you opened for 3 Doors Down. and we sat outside and drank a few beers together in the smoking area. My wife and i also got your autographs on some stickers you where handing out.And promoting your Leave a Whisper CD. Just want to say i have seen your guys 4 times since then. And My wife and I are planing to come see you again in Lincoln,Ne on 03/26/2013 and are lookin forward to another steela show im sure of it. Be safe and well see you soon.

Tonje's picture

Love, love, love you guys and your music! Went to a concert at House of Blues in San Diego... I gotta say: IN LOVE!!! Please come to Norway someday! Keep on doing what you do. Call me ;)

cjh2012's picture

Hey Shinedown!
I just wanted to take the time, since I had some.. To appreciate yall very very much from the bottom of my heart, for writing the most amazing, authentic, real, artistic, about life, something-that everyone can relate to music. There's alot of music I hear over and over and get tired of but, the very the opposite with yall's music. There's never been a song that yall wrote that I couldn't relate to in some sense or another. I love hearing Brent's stories and artism from the song lyrics.. It's very inspiring, uplifting, courageous, and beyond amazing. I couldn't ever say it better. It brings me to happy tears and the music gives me cold chills but in the best way possible! I'm blessed to say, I've saw yall 3 times in the last couple years. I was hoping to have saw yall in Sept. in ATL but it didn't work out. The music never gets old, and yall keep blowing me away album by album, I'm always excited to hear the next album. and No my friend, Rock N Roll will never die, and in my life, it is a way of life. Keep on rockin' my fellow brothers! I love yall and the amazing and very beautiful piece of art yall have created, called SHINEDOWN!!

LO's picture

You guys are amazing! Thanks for helping me get through the rough times when I felt alone =)

Stonkette's picture

awesome song...we are all in this world together....

MeshenKnoxJr's picture

best band ever i always wanted to see you guys and my first is going to be at darien lake. i herd you guys are playing whith godsmack.i love your song enemies the video is awesome.

Lsam72's picture

Are the shots of live concert footage from the Carolina Rebellion?

CassyZimmerman's picture

Nope. These are shots from my hometown, and I'm very proud to say I was there that day. Rockfest, Kansas City MO 2012!! You guys are absolutely the greatest!

redislush69's picture

Unity will be the possible tribute song for my wedding, made my future wife cry thank guys

lorisoyars's picture

i love you guys,you are my all time favorite band ever!!! and coming from me tht says a lot....i have all ur alums and i love each and every song...ya'll are amazing..forever a fan loriann

JamieBurgess's picture

I love this video it sends out a really good message about peace and is just very moving and I think Brent smith is a genius and is the greatest rock singer of all time

shinedowngrl89's picture

This video is so moving. So is the song. I recently played it for my friend who was on the verge of suicide. She'd never really you guys a chance, didnt really like your misic. Now she's listing to all your songes that saved me and is really starting to love you guys because of this one song. Thanks for helping me save my friend.

amaryllisflower44's picture

this song makes me wanna cry. its such a good song with a message to everyone. keep up the good work shinedown. you are the greatest.

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nice!!'s picture

My special friend who I turned your music onto sent me this song! So it means something to me beside being one of my favorite video!