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Track By Track

Track By Track

Posted by: Shinedown

Track By Track

Track By Track

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on March 24, 2010 - 1:52pm
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Track By Track



AshleyKing's picture

I can relate to you in every way on second change. Although its different when it comes to having one. My mother pretty much has me in a cage and I don't think i'll ever have a second chance, at least you did. I wish my mother could tell me to follow my dream to becoming a musician. You should write a song talking about following it and steping up to what you wanna do no matter what they say or however many times your brought down, I don't think theres any other way I will be inspired to do so. I need a song like that to move on. The video to that song is pretty much my life right there, but she got to do it.....should I run away??? :/

bevt45's picture

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, inspirations, and self - thanks for the music. Crow and The Butterfly moved me from my first listen. It brings back memories of my 17 year old nephew who committed suicide a few years ago and his mom, my sister. Now after hearing Track By Track, I know why I am moved so deeply by this song and why I think of Stephen, my wonderful, amazing, talented nephew that we all miss so much. Thank you- it truly is a profoundly beautiful & spiritual song.

jonmoore8's picture

ik how brent felt when he was writing if you only knew im the exact same way

Saje's picture

the sound of madness was the first song i heard by shinedown, i thought it was the greatest thing and it was so different from other songs... then i looked deeper and found the other songs to the album and was amazed... thank you shinedown you have made things a bit easyer and clearer for me to understand...ive been through alot last year aswell so your not alone...keep up the good work, youre not only making music i hope you know

mj_3's picture

i love brent he someone i look up to

Cheri Elizabeth Ruonavar's picture

Sound of Madness is truly my Aunt's song. It took me two years to finally realize that I had been screwing up so long. I lost my best friend who was my neighbor and like my grandmother suddenly, and it sent me spiraling into depression and even attempts at my life. It took your song Call Me to finally wake up and see the light. Thank you Brent. Keep fighting.

Cheri Elizabeth Ruonavar's picture

You are an amazing man, Brent. Not too many people let alone rock bands/stars go to Iraq and such. You are amazing and Devour is my top fave song right now. Amen to the fact that a message needs to be delivered to the President saying, "This is enough!" You are a true inspiration and a wonderful person. Keep up the fight, Brent!

desi's picture

i love this video and the beautiful meanings and stories of shinedowns songs..

Jocie's picture

Thank you so much for posting this video! I always wonder about the stories behind songs, so it's great to hear what inspired Brent to write the songs on this album. I think he's an amazing songwriter and an amazing singer!!

lyricfanatic's picture

I totally understand Second Chance. In a way, it's become my personal anthem. I don't know what I'm gonna do or what I'm going to pursue (yes music is a possibility), but I know that with the inspiration you guys have given me, I'm going to try, possibly succeed, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it! Know that wherever I go, whatever I do, that song is part of my inspiration for doing it! Thank you so very much!

Lady_Ivory11's picture

Your album has been an insight to my own person and made me face the woman in the mirror about the madness I voluntarily created in my life. You shed a light on my soul and helped me reunite with my writing and the love of myself and your music is such an inspiration that there is only ONE other band that makes me contemplate as much as yours does && that's Creed. Don't ever give up your music or your writing Brent or Zach, Eric or Barry - You all have participated in touching my life with your music just as Creed had and maybe one day, I'll get to sing music for people as you have for everyone too.

darkangel2wolf's picture

I don't know how I haven't seen sooner! That was awesome! Cyanide wasn't my favorite song at all.. but now I think I respect it more with a meaning :) I remember seeing some of this on the cd/dvd of SOM

Tat Girl's picture

Brent, you are amazing!

Jovi's picture

i love this video

kprince1990's picture

you guys are awesome. keep it up, and nice interview.

Anonymous's picture

Great interview. Thanks for sharing the inside info about what inspires you.

Amber_12's picture

I love the emotion that is put into these songs and to finally hear the story behind them just puts a whole new meaning to them. I don't think I could ever get enough of their music.

Prabhat's picture

Awesome Video.. I just love the way he explains and makes it so easy to understand...

Bamagal's picture

This was such a wonderful video for you to share with us .... I'm new to Shinedown Nation and I will be seeing you for the first time tonight in Birmingham... now I will know what you were thinking when you wrote all of your incredible songs.. thank you so much for sharing this! You are an incredibly talented, caring and articulate guy. Can't wait to witness your talents first hand.

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mpakpg's picture

Brent this was amazing for you to share. Knowing that this album really came from the heart and you let us in to share your life with you. Your voice is beautiful and I have listened to you all since 2003. Saw you guys about a month ago in Texas (Woodlands) and just bought our tickets to see your acoustic performance in New Orleans.

CrowsButterfly's picture

Brent was tearing up when he was talking about "What a Shame"awwww. I felt bad right there.

nick_20's picture

I just found shinedown a few months ago. These are some top tunes, love the acoustic aswell as the rockier songs. The sound of madness is a great album, im trying to convert everyone i know!
Looking forward to you visiting the UK, i cant wait to see you guys live.

shinedownbaby22's picture

I love getting to know the stories behind these songs :) Brent is definitely the person I look up to with my songwriting.

Anonymous's picture

Omg i swear to god i love Brent more and more everyday! He's such an amazing man! I love him so much!! Brent is the person who i look up to the most in my life

angelc's picture

OMG!! AMAZING Video!!!! Thank you Brent for letting us see what an awesome guy you are. Sounds like you have been through a lot in your lifetime - you have learned from it and use the experinces to make life better for yourself, Shinedown, and your fans. I am even more excited about the M&G in Lafayette than I was before seeing this vid. See you and the guys there! Thanks again! Angel

April K's picture


Thank you for telling us all how the songs came about. I've seen alot of bands and you and everyone in your band seem to be the nicest down to earth people I have ever seen. So thank you all for giving us great music and great shows!

Aiyana's picture

thanks for explaing the songs its nice to kno what here about cause it gives u a base o what the writer cares about........thanks for puttung these songs out there theres alot of inspiration behind them and alot of decent advice depending on how they get interpreted.....................thanks lots

lyricfanatic's picture

very cool video. I love this album and I'm so glad he took the time to explain the songs a little more! Thanks so much Brent!

CrowsButterfly's picture

I love Shinedown and this made me understand the band and the story behind Shinedowns songs so much better! Ive always kind of had an idea about what the songs are about but now i really understand them! Thank you Brent!