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Sound Of Madness

Sound Of Madness

Posted by: Shinedown

Sound Of Madness

Sound Of Madness

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on March 24, 2010 - 1:43pm
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Sound Of Madness



ShineStorm122's picture

Heres the thing people, Shinedown IS the only band that every single song they have ever done i can relate too, esp sound of madness, and luckily i have had Shinedown to get me through, i love how they are a REAL band and write all their shit. they dont fall for anyone trying to change them, I love these men for everything seriously. Shinedown i want to say Thank You for being real and im so excited for the new album to come out!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo LOVE YOU GUYS! 

tinashea76's picture

I cant even tell you how much I love my Shinedown, seen them 3 times front and centre on the floor at their concerts here in Calgary, cant wait for number 4, unfortunately, couldnt score me a floor ticket this time around, but I will be there, see you boys July 13th, counting down the days

lisahippy's picture

WTF did I just hear?!!!! Holy.....I just recently really got into Shinedown and oh HELL YES I can see my new addiction. Music is my drug now and this,this is making me high as HELL! Seriously, I need to get to bed. One more song.....

casimiro's picture

heard this song 20+ times. still love it!!!!!!!

ccm76's picture

this song gets the blood pumping love it

kymmec's picture

Love your Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

molinaman's picture

you guys are so real man. i only hope to see you live soon.

jonmoore8's picture

you know everyone says this is my song as soon as i show it to them hell its true and im damn proud of it

goddinggirl's picture

This was a song that I first heard as I was struggling with my recovery. It gave me strength to stop feeling sorry for myself and fight to live. THANK YOU ALL! Since then I've come to love your music and I am looking forward to whatever you put out next. 'Save me' makes me cringe a little when I listen to it (hits a little too close to home...but it's good to remember where I still could be); I still crank it up and sing at the top of my lungs. So glad you boys do what you do. You have helped me get through some tough times. Keep rockin' it!

LadyMariola's picture

I love this song! Pure energy! Excellent!!

jamelah's picture

Yum! one of my favorites!!!! great album!!!

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sean_12's picture

awesome song insane and come chattanooga tennesse

wrrplodder's picture

I've only just go into Shinedown the last few months, now I can't stop playing thias album. You guys have got to come to England soon.

stormwarning's picture

reminds me of ozzy in this one tyhe expresssions lovit

mercedes's picture

I think of my Mom everytime I listen to this song, I pray she wakes up and finds the help she so desperatly needs everyday! "When you gonna wake up and FIGHT FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!" I love you Shinedown you speak to my very soul!

Jamie Hartnek's picture

The Sound Of Madness is a bad ass tune from start to finish! Iv'e only recently started on my Shinedown kick, but they don't have a bad song, not even a mediocre one. They have officialy become my favorite band taking the place of AC/DC, who have been my #1 since 1980!!

Beth Mathers's picture

this is my most favorite song!!! it gives me energy that i dont think i ever have!!!!!! definitely think u r hotter without tha sophisticated glasses!!!!

Shinedown4Life_2's picture

Can Brent get any hotter?! Haha. Love this song

mollypop's picture

one of the best Shinedown songs ever

Indro's picture

Jezzzz...Keep Rock you guys...I like This awesome..HOT & WILD.....Great song..

burghbob46's picture

when are you guys coming to pittsburgh cannot wait to see tou guys in concert!!!! best true rock band!!!!!

amaryllis97's picture

This is pure rock

amaryllis97's picture

I love it!

stormwarning's picture

gotta get up for real when i hear this

Al Smith's picture

Shinedown is THE BEST in concert! I am off to see their acoustic show this weekend and am so looking forward to it. Brent has one of the greatest vocals I have ever heard live! AWESOME!

coco200laven's picture

GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fire429fighter's picture

awsome........ nothing more needs to be said

Anonymous's picture

this song kicks ass!!

coco200laven's picture

one your best songs