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Second Chance

Second Chance

Posted by: Shinedown
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on March 24, 2010 - 1:43pm
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lesadhudson's picture

One of my all time favorites!!

Andie's picture

As with all of your music the words are so close to who I am ....

conradjd's picture

When I first listened to your Cd Leave a Whisper, it relaxed me after a long stressful day at work

Docwhispr's picture

My second chance came from my girl Karen
I was in love with her in high school
but never had the courage
to ask her out, thought she was better then me
40 years later we met again talk and never look back

mystycalpeace's picture

First, I want to say, Thank you Shinedown for your amazing music, its touched my life, my heart, my soul!!! I was so humbled and honored to see part of my story in this amazing song/video, THANK YOU!!!! You guys are TRUE ROCK HEROS!!!! FOREVER A FAN, Michelle

shinedowns1's picture

After a life of addiction and no chances to change it...came a beautiful girl with a candle in a dark spot in my life and created a second chance for me....I want to extend my Gratitude for the music that you guys write and perform...Your music help me put a very hard and dark life behind me

AngelaFaith64's picture

Amazing song!!! A Second Chance gives me the reason to continue on. After 12 years of horrific Domestic Violence, with the help of God, my children and friends...I now have a Second Chance!!! There is always hope in a new day and this song goes right to the heart

AngelaFaith64's picture

I love this song......reminds me of my own life

brittany_3's picture

this was a very good song as well as a touching video.

ysl8285's picture

This has to be one of the BEST videos I have EVER seen...your music touches all of us, you help us cry, help us smile, help us heal in ways you will never know. Thank you Shinedown for ALL of the music you make, you bleed music for us....we bleed love for you.

Bamagal's picture

Wow.. just wow. I love you all so much for putting something up like this. I could not be in love with a more caring band and group of people. You make my heart melt.

amaryllis97's picture

This is an awesome video

Novemberrain67's picture

This has got to be the best video and most meaningful to me, that I have ever seen. I was a very sick crack addict who about died in November 2005. I had always tried to live up to my parents expectations yet always seemed to fail them. My drug use took me from my children for many years until I realized I was dieing before their little eyes. I admitted myself to rehab and have spent the past 5 years clean and free of that evil drug. I said Goodbye on November 8, 2005. This was my second chance. When I heard this song for the first time I literally fell to my knees and thanked my lord for his blessing of my new life and the ability to forgive, and accept who I am not who everyone else thought I should be. Thank you guys for putting into words what some of us think and cannot vocalize. My appreciation for Shinedown is very deep!!!

BillH's picture

My dad died October 4, 2010. He was an alcoholic and that's what eventually killed him. He had an opportunity to take his second chance, but by the time he decided to take it, the alcohol caught up with him. That day was the day I decided to join the US Coast Guard and make a difference in people's lives. October 4, 2010, the day I failed my father, was my Second Chance to make a difference in people's lives.

fire429fighter's picture

October 1, 2004 was my second chance. Moved to a town where no one knew me.Best thing I have ever done. Been clean since then. Thank you for writing this song one of my favorites. Dedicated to my parents.

Alexmaria's picture

"Tears of joy stream down my face....." S.Stapp.

Michelle Medrano's picture

My second chance will be meeting my son in Heaven!

Chrislea's picture

This is the best video ever! Very touching and real. I will say going to college is my second chance to a new life and improving myself. The comments are wonderful and encouraging on here so thank you all as well. I have been fighting depression alot and reading everything makes me feel better and know there really is a second chance for everyone.

muggsjj's picture those of you struggling against cancer...all my prayers go with you...says something about the quality of the humans making the music that we ALL connect in whatever way we deem. I hope all you guys continue the good fight....

Anonymous's picture

This video makes me cry everytime I see it. Shinedown is just an amazing band and their music just hits your heart. My love for you guys is unconditional and I wish you guys all the success in the world cause you truely deserve it. This is my Second Chance

redheat's picture

Just an awsome song that people need to listen to , Skip

lyricfanatic's picture

I watched this video and realized something. You may have to make your dreams happen by your own decisions, but you are never truly alone. Understand that what you have to do is hard, but it must be done. Sometimes, good-bye really is the second chance of a lifetime. Leaving your hometown, figuring out where you need to be and what you want to do is only part of it. The other is courage to do what you know must be done.

redheat's picture

How true this song is , redheat

string3's picture

its amazing how thier songs reflect what so many feel

Kate_6's picture

it is sorta a sad song, but that's not the meaning, then meaning of the song is to ALWAYS try no matter what because you never know when it will be your last day or someone elses last day that you know... always try and don't give up easily, you'll have good and bad days but you won't remember them all in the furture

jeremiah's picture

shinedown has such riveting and emotion filled lyrics that grab you by the heart and soul and dont let go ive seen you guys three times now and thats not near enough you guys are bigger than you think. and you music has changed my life.

Jasben101's picture

My Second chance, came when i made to choice to back up and leave all ive known, all i knew behind, the pain to leave hurt, but the pain to stay would have been worse and i would of forfeted my life. so i chose, to leave start over start new and heal, i didnt want to be a victem anymore, i want to a survivor, survivor get to tell the tale.

ckmcrm0115's picture

what a gift your band is to this miserable world! This song is so inspirational.It gives people the message not to give up but to literally give a second shot at life and I hope they take heed and do so.

fenix4218's picture

In 2004 I became swept up in drugs. my second chance was my 7yo niece who saved my life on december 25th 2007 when she asked me one simple question "why i broke my promises to her" i stopped that day, havent touched drugs since. this is why i love music every song can mean something so diffrerent for everyone, but it means something!! this song is amazing.

Stacy Gardell's picture

This video is amazing!! Such inspiring stories from everyone!