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If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew

Posted by: Shinedown

If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew

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on March 24, 2010 - 1:48pm
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If You Only Knew



missmybabydana's picture

One of the most poignant songs relating to my relationship that I have ever heard... Have listened to it hundreds of times. Really a musical and lyrical masterpiece!!!!

RachelChristineRatcliff-brooks's picture

this song is for you

peteypnhd's picture

after 40 years i finally found a song that i can sing to my wife every day she is the best thing that happend to me since returning from vietnam. she understrands me even through the bad days. i love you mary. and shinedown also!

jonmoore8's picture

this song makes me think off my girlfriend so much i listen to it every day and it always makes it better i love her more then anything and ill never give her up

angel333's picture

Every song has such truth and sends such powerful messages...the lyrics def. come from the heart. This is REAL music!

molinaman's picture

so fucking good man. damn

molinaman's picture

you guys are still the real deal. no other band has ever affected me like yours. up the irons and dont stop what you do.

shawntelle's picture

I still cry everytime i listen to this song, so amazing a song can do that everytime

Darhoon's picture

Shinedown, best band ever.

michelle_6's picture

omg you give me goosebumps

mad dog's picture

what a amazing song
cant wait for the next album
2012 is too far away to wait !!!1

Genny's picture

Love you guy's,I listen to your music everyday it makes my day's so much better,cant wait to see u guy's live again!

shinedownssunshine's picture

HELL YEAH !!! this video is so inspiring and just so great it gives you such a great feeling and makes you just want to kiss and hug all your loved ones!!! thank you SHINEDOWN ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!

shineingskater's picture

first song i have heard from shinedown and now its my fav one and ill never forget what this song has done for me

ACE17's picture

hope things are well in the studio!!!! cant wait for more live events . VH1 BEST CRUISE WAS AWESOME. SO UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. SAW YOU GUYS 6 TIMES IN 2010......THATS A GREAT AVERAGE!!!!

LadyMariola's picture

Beautiful song. Amazing video. The Best voice!
Love it!

Wolf_2's picture

This song is an amazing song. It's one of your best Shinedown. :)

Drea_2's picture

Best song EVAHHH :D

Andy_5hy's picture

This song makes me more inspired to something more with my life. And to write a Bad-Ass luv song, I gotta say thanks Brent for inspiring through my darkest days to move on to the better life. Once again thanks Shinedown. :)

insp1red2wr1te's picture

really enjoying that delay

Maggie Mae's picture

I absolutely love this song. The different intonations in Brent's voice are awesome.

Krissyxoxo's picture

This CD mysteriously appeared in my car - of course I know who left it. It is a great song. Doesn't change anything, but what an amazing song. You guys are incredible and I love all of your music, your voices haunt me - WOW.

mercedes's picture

One of my faves!!!!!!!!

prettybabe's picture

awesome work shindown im a mega fan of yours love your music sweethearts

Amber_9's picture

My fave song by you guys. The lyrics to this song are beautiful. Can't wait to hear more from you guys! Hope to see you at a concert in Charlotte sometime!

brendalee's picture

This is the first song I ever heard from Shinedown..have been listening ever since! Love this group! Amazing musicians! Hope you come to Tennessee in concert.

snickers15's picture

My FAVORITE Shinedown song!

debbie_10's picture

BBY YAYA SAYS!!! all that needs to be said. now we need to bring us together... love u papou forever...xxxxxxxxxmuahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Jan 12 2011

smokin's picture

You wrote this song for me

amaryllis97's picture

I LOVE this song!!!!! and the lyrics.