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"Devour" Behind the Video

"Devour" Behind the Video

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on March 24, 2010 - 1:52pm
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junkieforfame's picture

eric fell on his butt ..... lol
"STOP FILMING ME!!" i jumped when he said that
my FAVORITE song though keep it comeing you guys

Xenia's picture

The "STOP FILMING ME!" was totally unexpected! :D

Jesse_3's picture

you have the best vocals ever Brent you can sing metal, soft and rap if you wanted to lol all im saying is keep it comeing

Raven's picture

Great footage!! Loved it!

A Guy's picture

"The camera is your enemy."

Tat Girl's picture

EB, that was hilarious! Brent, I agree that the videos need to be shot around the band a lil more. I love that you guys do that with most of your videos....makes it so much more personal

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Alba's picture

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love U GUYS!!! SHINEDOWN U GUYS INSIPRE ME AND MY FAMILY, U GUYS KEEP DOING UR THING..... KEEP ROCKING ON!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE SHINEDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amaryllis97's picture

that must have been so fun! It looks so cool! It looks so cool with the sun setting!

Amber_12's picture

looks like yall had some fun!

DINA's picture

oh my! i wish you could come to my country((
Kazakhstan - yes! it a real place))) south-east to finland))))))

CrowsButterfly's picture

My breath catches everytime I see that gorgeous man. I love Brent Smith

jami_2's picture

When Brent yells "STOP FILMING ME!" you can see the camera guy/girl backing up in terror.. :D haha

LivingDedGrrl's picture

Never noticed Brent's eyes before (I'm too old to drool, and besides, I'm a "smile" and "way-a-person-talks" person). Brent - ditch the black. The "Black Irish" look (dark hair /blue eyes) on a man is so hot (and such rare a gift)- why would you wanna wash the blue out with the black eyeliner?? Besides, all that black is either a little too juvenile or a little too Ozzy for people our age...I'm not sure which LOL Come on, man, play it up - don't throw that away! Go navy on the bottom, dk brown on top. You'll still look bada$$ but your eyes'll be like *BAM*! hard, piercing, look-right-through-you steel...makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. ;)

emles's picture

"STOP FILMING ME!!!!!" hahaha oh Brent...

Anonymous's picture

Brent is soo damn HOT!!!

InvisiNinja13's picture

Sarah I totally agree. That was freakin funny!

XxStaringDownTheBarrelOfA45xX's picture

OMFG brent's accent is soo cute!! not to menton he is rockin' the guyliner

lyricfanatic's picture

I agree that was so funny! oh brent how you make me laugh. now if they could have done this for sound of madness....

CrowsButterfly's picture

I agree with Sarah! That definitely got a laugh out of me too! I keep watching this video just so I can see that

Tina Mellott's picture

It doesn't happen often that a parents and kids love the same music. Shinedown has been the main reason my kids and I spend so much time together. We go to your shows together, watch the webcasts together, and almost always have one of your CDs playing loudly in the house while doing chores. We love you guys and thank you for the sacrifices you make with your families to have such a positive impact on mine. We will see you on July 26 in Va Beach! Love Tina

Blinky's picture

when are you making a video for call me? That should be the next single!

JENAYJ's picture

same awesome intensity as Sound of Madness.. rockin guys

i3shinedown's picture

Brent u r just so awesome funny and can sing real good congratz on 3 alubms

Sarah_25's picture

"Stop filming me!" Lol that's definately one of my favorite parts in this vid! Brent you really know how to get a laugh out of people :D