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The Crow and the Butterfly

The Crow and the Butterfly

Posted by: Shinedown

The Crow and the Butterfly

The Crow and the Butterfly

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on July 18, 2010 - 8:00pm
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The Crow and the Butterfly



BERON's picture

This song reminds me of my Mom whose life was stolen by cancer... the nasty black Crow represents cancer and the Butterfly represents what was once her angelic bright life..... 

tracy king's picture

oct,4 2013 i just saw the video the crow and the butterfly for the first time and it is beutiful love you guys and godbless all of you and your familys tracy king.

Alexmaria's picture

Hey,all "SHINEDOWN"!!!! Best of PG!!!

Stonkette's picture

my good friends daughter died from luekemia when she was 17....the story leading up to her death is so heartbreaking...needless to say I can't even talk to my friend anymore...

peteypnhd's picture

PETEYPNHD says this song means quite a bit to me i will try to explain at the meet and greet in AC KEEP ROCKIN

Benita's picture

Lunatic Luau AND Carolina Rebellion! WOO! HOO! Can't wait. Have seen you guys a couple of times already and you ROCK!!! Keep it up!

JennT's picture

What a punch in the gut. I just watched Beyond the VIdeo about this and had noidea it wasabout the lossof a child (I likened it to the loss ofone of my best friends). The punch is because of several child losses recently, so of course I'm bawling my eyes out with different perspective.

Dave O'Shea's picture

Off to see them tomorrow at the Roundhouse, Camden Town. Looking forward to seeing them live for the first time.

guzz's picture

Just got 4 tickets (mee, Lane Glenn & Nikki) for gig in Birmingham in Feb and cant wait. Your music is spine tingling. The Crow & the Butterfly is my fav. Brilliant. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michelle_6's picture

sooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooood I luv u MICHELLE KRITCH

kev_3's picture

look forward to your show at rock city! You guys are awesome to say the least..

mad dog's picture

what a great song shinedown can do no wrong !!!!

rej bibeau's picture

je suis un mordu de shinedown! YES!

nicoleskajewski's picture

this vid is so bomb love it

ShinedownLuvr4Evr's picture

i love this song!!! its awesome!!! and my favorite!!!

D Mack's picture

I'm an old bastard of 40. I've loved the likes of the Crue, Whitesnake and ACDC. I got the Sirius Octane and my kids went nuts over your songs. I happened to listen and have gotten into you guys. I just bought your latest CD. I even admit I watched your interview for the CD and was very impressed with all your attitudes. Please no songs about Donkey Shows, although I would find them hillarious, I don't think them appropriate for your main target market. Rock on guys, you absolutely have a fan in me and my kids.

ShinedownAmaryllis's picture

So thats what an angel sounds like....

Jane_4's picture

This song has so many different meanings to me.. I love it! It's my favorite song!

Man, Brent's gettin' older..

sean_12's picture

awesome solo awesome song

connie mutter's picture

This is the most amazing song. I love it. I am a recovering addict. Your words discrib how it feels to chase it. All your art is beautiful. I cant wait for the next album. My fiance and I are getting matching tat's of The Crow and The Butterfly. He did the art work as he does for most of our tattoo's. Please take my sincere thanks for what you all do. I cant wait to see you live. Thanks Again.

Carrie0102's picture

This song has touched me in a way that no other song has. To be honest, most of your songs do. I have been a Shinedown fan for years and can't wait for the next cd (I almost said album, but then I'd be aging myself.....LOL). Anyway, I want my next tattoo to represent the song, "The Crow and the Butterfly". I had this idea to get some of the lyrics tattooed underneath a picture of a crow chasing a butterfly flying over a field of dandelions with the sun shining bright, etc. Not very original, but if I had the words written in your handwriting THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!! Maybe you can hook a Shinedown fan up and create an amazing tattoo??? Much love to you and the band!

Shinedown4Life_2's picture

LOVE this song! Amazing video! Brent as always looking sexy. ;)

Stacy Gardell's picture

I just love this song and video! It's so awesome!

Ed Olson's picture

Great song and great band!!!!

Melanie Alderette's picture

The Crow and the Butterfly is my favorite song by shinedown I LOVE it!!!!

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amber_17's picture

lovee itt (:

brad007_2's picture

i like this song

mike_38's picture

Love the song :)

sealoverscuba's picture

This is one of my most favorite songs by Shinedown and the video is so different...can't wait for the new CD and the chance to see you again in concert!! You are probably the most soulful rock group out there and I absolutely Love U All.