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Bully (Official Music Video)

Bully (Official Music Video)

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on March 19, 2012 - 2:48pm
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Got to hear this live last night at the Carnival of Madness!!! Loved it!!

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shinedown kicks ASS

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Well, hell. This song of the show will destroy you. I'm a teacher, been witness to too much, and it still affected my perspective --to be hurt, remember my purpose, fight, give up more time to care, check yourself, check everything around you, and ... more.

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This is my all time favorite song by you guys. I loved it when i first heard it. I cannot wait until this Saturday when i get to see you at the Amway Center in Orlando!!!!

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Richeous \,,/(^_^)\,,/

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My Birthday will be here before too long, on March 18th, and found it fitting to post this now while I happen to be listening to "Bully". It will be a birthday that I am very lucky to even have, lucky I am alive. This song means everything to me. I am a Survivor of multiple attempted rapes that began from the age of 7 and up till I was adult age, a year long captivity (literally) with daily beatings and nightly rape as a young adult, multiple stalkers and abusive neighbor (was mental and arrested) and more. I was in tears by the end of the song and the words just went to the deepest part of me. It just hit me really hard and its a reminder of whats happened BUT its a bigger reminder that I am a Survivor with a very strong will. Thank you so very much for this song Brent, Eric, Zach, and Barry! Not much gets past my strong demeanor but multiple songs of yours somehow reach inside me and take hold and I thank you so much for that. Please, all of you guys, take care and love you all

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I love this on soooo many levels!! Last night at your concert in Huntington, WV... you did a tribute to Amanda Todd. I was sooo touched! My own daughter is a victim of bullying. She was there with me at your show, she was very moved by it as well. Thank you for this! Thank you so much!

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I really like your new album! love this song.

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What are all the words throughout the video and at the end?

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Watch the music video Bully [Official Lyric Video]

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My daughter just lost another friend because she was being bullied. 2 days ago at 15 yrs old a beautiful cheerleader took her own life.I love this song and I love you guys. Im 45 yrs old and I made my 22 yr old and my 9 yr old daughters watch this video. Thanks hopefully you guys can make a difference! <3

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I was excited to hear this song! I've had to put up with bullies for my kids and it drove me crazy because no one would do anything but take my son out of the bullies class! How fair is that? Not!!

Love this song, guys!! Kuddos!!

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Interpretations. I love them. I wish to see this same bully fall.

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My son has aspergars syndrome and still to this day he gets bullied! we have NO tolerence to bullying!!!

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This song is awesome, It brings back painful memories, but I to felt good once I stood up to my Bully. I have watched many times and listened to the deep meaning behind the words. Rock it till you drop. Thanks for giving the younger kids and sometimes the Adults who suffer still today from bullies a voice.

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brought tears to my eyes...freaking amazing

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i have seen this video 3 times and each time it gives me massive goosebumps especially when the kid faces the "bully" and that group runs to him it is just awesome and so powerful. when i was in elementary school, i had just moved from mississippi to ohio and during that time, i had no friends. i did have one but she was a backstabber. everyone made fun of me for everything (not exaggerating)any interest i had got put down. but i always had a happy mood; it never put me down. until middle school when i had similar problems there, it got to me. this song lifts that grief from me and lets me know that they're just bullies and they have no power over me and who i am and i thank you for letting me know that. i love you shinedown you are inspirational

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I think that it's time that someone addressed bullying. I think most people have come in contact with a bully at some point in their lives.I really don't think bullies understand or care what affect their actions have on people or that sometimes it stays with their victims for years. I'm 47 and sometimes I still remember confrontations from my childhood. Thank you Shinedown for stepping up and speaking out. Awesome song.

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The forms of social media which are most often accessed by youth have a responsibility to address such issues, kids are more likely to listen to the words,weigh it against their own developing value system and change negative behaviours than they will at school during a forced presentation or the lectures of a parent. Kudos to Shinedown for the song and video. powerful stuff. Thank you.

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This song is awesome when I was young I was bullied .... In my opinion bullies are just jealous.... There should be more in the world that is being done about bullying. It is a terrible thing. I feel so terrible for the kids that are bullied I wish I had the money to start some kind of program here in my town of Toledo Ohio for the children that are being bullied and believe me here in this town there is alot of that going on...

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This song is awesome when I was young I was bullied and so was my son.... In my opinion bullies are just jealous.... There should be more in the world that is being done about bulling. It is a terrible thing. Congrats on this song and yes all the other awesome song you have done.. You are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just amazing

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I just picked up the new cd yesterday, and in true Shinedown form I just cant stop listening to it. I am and forever will be a hardcore Shinedown fan. You guys are truly amazing thanks for all you do...incredible!

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Powerful lyrics, kickin' guitars and drumming!

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This song is so true about how some kids are today great song guys.

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Great song and love the video.... I wanted to post it to my Facebook but can't figure out how to do it.. Can't wait for you guys to come back it PA... You guys are the shit and my favorite band!!!