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Bully [Official Lyric Video]

Bully [Official Lyric Video]

Posted by: Shinedown WebCrew

© 2012 WMG
The new single available now on iTunes!
New album 'Amaryllis' coming March 27th 2012!

Directed By: Dylan Steinberg

© 2012 WMG
The new single available now on iTunes!...

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on January 4, 2012 - 12:08pm
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© 2012 WMG
The new single available now on iTunes!
New album 'Amaryllis' coming March 27th 2012!

Directed By: Dylan Steinberg



Shandie_Alfieri's picture

This song is great! I really need my 8 year old daughter to listen to it carefully! she was recently bullied by a 52 year old woman at her school. the school did nothing at all!

KIMBURR's picture

Unfortunately bullying has no age limit...children, teens, and ADULTS!!! I've seen so much of it in the workplace as an adult! Probably a child bully who got away with it and think they can do it through their whole life! It's so sad and it has to stop!!! Hopefully this song and the movie with bring awareness to an all time high to make these people realize it is NOT COOL TO BE RUDE, ABUSIVE and RUIN PEOPLE'S LIVES!!!! Thank you SHINEDOWN!!!

Leigh_4's picture

Absolutely love Bully. As a parent this is a subject that hits home. Maybe one day, bullying will stop. Love you guys. You really need to come to Birmingham, AL. I would definitely be there with my son.

Robo224's picture

AMAZING SONG! Wish you guys would come farther up the RI. Boston is waiting for you guys!

Nimrodd's picture

Arizona is waiting for you guys Brent.......

kathi harper's picture

whats up with you guys not mentioning tampa on april 28? and no meet and greet?

down's picture


robertnavy8301's picture

i am going to the concert at richmond national on apr 24 you guys totally rock cant wait to meet you all!!!!

robertnavy8301's picture

this song means so much to me i wish i could say this to all of those mf back at my high school.

Unpredictable Rose's picture

Joined site for my kid who loves you guys and I truly appreciate the band and music as well. I just had to write to say how much I'm so grateful you guys made this new song "Bully" as it happens so much and as parents when you know your kid is a target and all you can do is as much as you can do this song helps. It has become my son's an mys new song for us to give us strength each and every day before he starts school until school let's out.So glad you made this song!!! We are so looking forward to your show in MO on April 9th and I bought the meet and greets so my son could meet you guys-me I just want to say Thank You and Let's Rock!!! :D God bless

Cindy_6's picture

Just got tix to Project 9 6 1 Cinco Party Atlanta! Only problem, it is not until May!

kathi harper's picture

you guys cant do wrong you just get better and better love bully and all the snipets of the other songs on this album luv you guys

Nimrodd's picture

Another GREAT song by SHINEDOWN...Love the way you guys send messages with your songs.....THANKS!!!!

jennb4ever's picture

love it!!!! :p

tiana's picture

keep playing this over and over

beandip's picture

omg so in love with song right now!

jonmoore8's picture

i cant get it to work DX

The Energy's picture

Can you hear me!!!

alillice's picture

luv that song and luv that band!