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Breaking Inside

Breaking Inside

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on March 24, 2010 - 1:47pm
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Love this song, hits close to home. Best video ever!!! SHINE ON!!!

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Ahhh!! Some of that footage towards the end was from when they performed at Memphis in May! That was my first time to go to MIM and have gone every year since! :)

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This song itself is a journey. To break outof the pieces and leave them behind brings about a new person.Definitely my life recently, so I am thankful to find these words to epress it.

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Breaking Inside is my favorite track. Hope they play it at the Roundhouse tonight. Really looking forward to seeing them live for the very first time.

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you guys inspire me and i am sure all who listen to your make a difference in many lives...please keep it up... I LOVE your music and relate to every song. You are AMAZING!!

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Awesome video you guys are just fantastic!

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Yeah Me too Breaking Inside---'s picture

When I need inspiration and feel I need to have a reason to move forward in life, I listen to this song (Breaking Inside) and/or watch the video (even better)....Thank You Shinedown!, Yawl have saved my soul in so many different occasions and so many different times with your music and your positive inspiration on life :-) Thank you!

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I swear that i just saw RJ Hale from HaleStorm in the back ground, at 1:36

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I can't get enough of you guys! Absolutely amazing! And your CD still hasn't made it out of my CD player in the car since last summer.

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You touch my spirit, my soul. Your music is wonderful. Just keep making it....

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I adored I find the spirit of very touching group I hope that its will last for because shinedown is my favorit group

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i love these guys, please come back to shreveport, louiisana. want to see u guys for the fourth time!!

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Love this this video!!!!

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Any chance it will be for sale as a download to iTunes or any other way we can buy it and own it? I love it!!!

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breaking inside is my new fave taday

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when the snow melts agai n u all

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chitown please

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My favorite video...this one hits home!

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Something about this song & the video... that's makes it the Best on my list... Shows them just being themselves, and what goes on when it's not stage time... and for those of us who do know them off stage it just has that much more meaning...esp. the shots of Memphis and the bridge in the background... Home Sweet Home...

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I have lived 35.6 years longer than Medical science said i should have...and have been medically tortured for most of it... But I have a 17 year old son (my one bright spot) who has had to deal with his own demons inside his head in the form of mental illness.
Music, specifically YOUR music has helped both our hearts... we often gift songs back and forth via itunes, and find more often than not will send eachother the SAME song, Breaking Inside being one of them. I thankfully dont have too many more years left...just enough to see him into adult hood... But YOUR music will be a reminder to him of me, i hope, and a comfort when life gets just too hard alone.. THANK YOU

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lost my best friend in the world today beau was a mix breed rescued little ball of fur that always put a smile on my face 12 years just dose not seem long enough so today i am breaking inside and listening to the only thing that could put a smile on my face on this dark day my shinedown!!!! thank you for the love and support you give even when you dont know you are doing so! p.s. to everyone if you rescue a dog you will be rescued in return with more love than your heart can hold which is why mine is broken now.
but it was worth the ride 4 sure! mommy loves you beau very very much and will miss you all the days of my life.

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This always makes me cry. I wish I can stop Breaking Inside

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i know how to get there autograph i know Brent Smith's cousin

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Breaking Inside is one of my most favorite songs

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You guys don't just create music, you are creating hope and compassion for people. Just want to say thanks for being out there :)

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wander how to get shinedowns autograph

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my little sister is autistic and when she has a meltdown I sing "Her Name is Alice" or this song to her and it calms her down... I personally appreciate everything you guys do for families who live with mental/behavior disabilities, I love you guys not only as a band but as people thanks for bringing a good name to rock music