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on January 31, 2010 - 7:00pm
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tracy king's picture

i really love shinedown i just bought amarayllis and even my 5 year old really enjoys it aswell i have leave a whisper as well i think of my brother when i hear brent sing he is a heavy metal singer and he is in 2 heavy metal bands rite now in tx. i cant ever get tired of listening to youl i love your music because you write about reality. and that is the best music of all my 5 year old jams to your music thankyou for all of what you have done it makes us very happy tracy and bailey.

jonmoore8's picture

this is one of the first songs i learned on guitar and memorized ive been hooked on shinedown since everytime somethings wrong i play it and it makes me feel way better

dad girl21's picture

diamond eyes is one of the great song you as shinedown made

Scotto9's picture

hey guys thanx for all the great songs and you will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time. Rock on and get out here to west coast quickly.

a_dubey's picture

Brent...your voice is so unbelieveable, I can't even describe how it makes me feel. Wow! Don't ever stop sharing your amazing talent with us...please :)

SMS_2's picture

I lost a baby son. The first time I heard The Crow & the Butterfly, I knew exactly what the song was about. Thanks for acknowledging parents' loss.

Tat Girl's picture

Gotta say I like EB and ZM a lot better. This is one of my favorite songs but the boys make the band what it is now

InvisiNinja13's picture

This is my basketball # and i picked it because of this song. Great song!

coco200laven's picture

you guys rock please talk to us here

coco200laven's picture

cool song

xCarnivalLipsx's picture

amazing amazing song, one of my absolute favorites. INTENSE

lancer1147's picture

awesome meaning

Miss Carol's picture

One of my all time favs, as well as my 8yr old daughters she knew every word by heart....thanx guys

InvisiNinja13's picture

LOVE this song!! you guys r AWSOME!!

Kathy KAT Bailey's picture

Dearest Brent, hi. Juz wanted to let You know HOW VERY MUCH this song SO DEEPLY touches me becuz of ALL I've went through in the past, oh, 16 years, of definetily 2 relationships that were NOT meant to be for me in my life. Though I've NEVER even as much as ever gave thought of takin' my own life, cuz it just ain't worth it, for ANY reason, to me, and still I SO realize that others have & do, becuz of feeling so very hopeless for what-ever their very own reason(s), well, THIS SONG should, AND hopefully wakes-em, shakes-em AND makes-em KNOW juz HOW VERY PRECIOUS livin' life to the FULLEST really IS!! MANY BLESSINGS & MUCH "LOVE & PEACE" to & for You & Your Family & Band Members & Theirs!!! Frm: SassyKAT.....(which by the way,... SassyKAT juz means that I'm B-O-L-D with what I say when I say it)!!

redheat's picture

Nobody can come close to what you say in lyrics , very strong and real , redheat

Shinedown4Life_2's picture

This song means the world to me cause it is the only way to remember him.

Stacy Gardell's picture

Love this song!

J Michael D's picture

Been there.

Jen_41's picture

Very powerful.

sheev's picture

I saw you guys in evansville, and you dudes rocked the Casbaa!!!!!!

TYLER_7's picture

brent man i love your hair ion this video lol not to sound gay though.

joesgal's picture

i want to thank you for making music that says everything i want and need to say... and that also calms my suicidal thoughts.... when i find myself thinking thoughts of suicide ... i shut the world out and put in anyone of your cds and just let the music wash over me ... and it seems to help take the pain of living away ....

Sarah_25's picture

Two words: LOVE IT!!!!!!!! :)