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Rise of Rock 'N Roll

Rise of Rock 'N Roll

Posted by sinfulgrin

Over 75+ of these flyers have been distributed so far across Colorado. Anywhere from Colorado State University, to downtown Fort Collins, all the way down through Denver and everywhere in between, no where can escape the Rise of Rock 'N Roll, not even McDonald's drive thrus ;)

I'll continue posting these, and handing out 1/4 size sheets of them at all concerts/events I attend. Shinedown must be #1, FIST IN THE AIR!!!!

Amaryllis Bloom


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This rocks!!

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Awesome...and correct...Rock is Rising...they tried to beat it down, hide it and cover it up with bullshit but "we the people have the power" and this IS the best way to express is like a 60's revolution all over again! Send us a link to that poster so we could blanket Lynchburg VA with them...
Peace \/