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My new Shinedown Tattoo

My new Shinedown Tattoo

Posted by Gardens admin
Second Chance


Anonymous's picture

Thanx Rowena! The pic was taken the day after I got it done and it healed perfectly. Alex always gets a big tip for doing a nice job! :)

InvisiNinja13's picture

Thats an AWSOME tat! Give the dude who did it a tip! lol

Anonymous's picture

WOW!!!! Really cool tattoo!!!! You are truly in love with Shinedown!!!! Very Nice!!!!

Trudy_SD_Addict's picture

very nice work on the crows! luv it show it off and be PROUD! Congrats!

Anonymous's picture

It's on the inside of my left ankle and yes, I am the palest person in the state of Florida! LOL!

lucybrat's picture

wow! Awesome tattoo!

Anonymous's picture

this turned out so cool where is it on your leg?'s picture

Love the tattoo!

ValerieT's picture

That's soo awesome!!

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Thanks! I am really happy with it. I thought about it for months trying to figure out what I wanted to do & everytime I kept going back to this idea. I thought about using lyrics, but so many of the songs have meaning for me that I just couldn't choose so decided to go w/the album title as a way of representing all the songs I love :)

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awesome tattoo!!!

Stacy Gardell's picture

So very cool!