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My first SD tat!

My first SD tat!

Posted by LadySoDevine
Shinedown Tats


lucybrat's picture

:) love it!

LadySoDevine's picture

Thanks everyone!
And Nancy, I think the same thing every time I refer to it as my 1st! LOL Oh, I'm sure there will be more to come... =)

Anonymous's picture

I like how this is titled "my first SD tat" b/c that implies there will be more! ;)

taylorlynn0923's picture

I love this one!!!!!!!!!! I want to get some lyrics as well but I can't figure out which ones! they are all sooooooo good!

Trudy_SD_Addict's picture

luv the tattoo female... they light our fuses all the time! Be Proud!!! Show that puppy off!

Stacy Gardell's picture

So awesome!!