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Posted by Brent Smith

Me & Z... Where you at DALLAS!

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jrcooper's picture

What a fantastic show last night at Gexa Energy. The first time I went to see you at the Paladium Ballroom in Dallas, I was hooked. Then you guys were awesome at the House of Blues in Dallas, You guys rock!!!!

amaryllis97's picture

Shinedown is amazing!!!!!

shinedownfan4life420's picture

i absolutly love yall!my daughter abby is 2 and she brings me my laptop and says momma put on my shindown song she loves sound of madness she really gets into it she sings parts of it and head bangs with her tounge out it is defantly adorable i would love to come see you guys in concert any idea if or when you would be coming to the atlanta area?i would love to find out thanks!yall keep rocking on yall are the best band out right now!! Lauren mcdaniel atlanta,ga

Anonymous's picture

I love you guys!

dannigubler's picture

I feel motivated by seeing this ;) Makes me feel like I can do everything.

LadyMariola's picture

Love you guys! :)))