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Brent Smith's Hand Tattoo

Brent Smith's Hand Tattoo

Posted by Stacy Gardell

Brent Smith's Hand Tattoo



honeybear's picture

Love Tat's that are out there for everyone to see,yet have personal and hidden meaning for the person wearing that tat.Brent's is one of the best I've seen,a man of wisdom for sure!

Amer_22's picture

Just Amazing....

Kary's picture

So Awesome

Stacy Gardell's picture

I asked him if I could take it...When we were in Toledo, OH on their Stimulate This! Tour!'s picture

How did you get this pic? It's absolutely awesome!

Trudy_SD_Addict's picture

this is one thing i have and will allways associate with Shinedown...

Stacy Gardell's picture

This is such an awesome tattoo!