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Second Chance


Second Chance

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on April 7, 2010 - 1:30pm

Second Chance

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HomeGrown33's picture

Come On April... Cant wait to see y'all... Love y'all guys!

kevin enzor's picture

love this band i am 51 never thought i would hear another southern rock band that could still my heart ,by the way i am from florida

angelcouch36's picture

luv it u guys rock!!!

the big bad wolf's picture

come to fayetteville north caolina

the big bad wolf's picture

great song

raisin_me's picture

come to little rock arkansas love you

Stephanie_7's picture

ShineDown - Please come to San Antonio Texas!

stephsjamn's picture

I am a Shinedown fan and love all the songs, but I have to say this is my favorite (the original version)! Such an excellent song with great meaning.
A Forever Shinedown Fan!!!!!!

Sherrilue's picture

The very first time my daughter, and I heard this song, we both connected to this song instantly !!!
So every time we both hear this song play, we just look at each other and say;
"Hell Yeah" !!! This is our song !!!!
So ...Awesome !!!!

Biscuit's picture

Can't wait to see you guys LIVE!