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The Crow and The Butterfly


The Crow and The Butterfly

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on April 7, 2010 - 1:30pm

The Crow and The Butterfly

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msc1986's picture

worked your show @ UCF in Orlando with Avenged Sevenfold I was your caterer. You guys are so down to earth and AMAZING on stage rock on!

Rider3's picture

Wow.... just wow.

rknighton2005's picture

ready for shinedown concert back in memphis, tn

mel_11's picture

However you sing your lyrics amaze me...they all sound good, Alot of heart and soul!!!!

rod porter's picture

could go on for on for hours,but you are great. just that simple.

Redheadtru's picture

Favorite song!! Your Acoustic concert was the best ever!! Love you Guys

katshaughnessy03's picture

im getting a crow and a butterfly on my right wrist. any suggestions on how it should look?

amaryllis97's picture

I love the music video for this song.

Drummer1990's picture

Hey Barry,Brent,Zach & Eric. Love your new Acoustic verson of The Sound of Madness CD tracks. Are you guys going to release a full album of the acoustic only? Would be cool if you did.

Side note for Barry. Hey this is Phillip. My mom Julie and I met you and your wife Lori at the Get Schooled Event you held at Little John Coliseum in Clemson SC back in sept 2008. Just wanted to say hi to you Barry and hope your doing well.

Tabitha_2's picture

brents voice gives me chills...simply amazing.

You guys put on an awesome show :)