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Call Me


Call Me

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on April 7, 2010 - 1:30pm

Call Me

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inmemory's picture

I've been a huge fan since day one. Your songs have helped me through so many tough times in my life and help me appreciate the good times so much more. You guys are amazing live as well. Love this song.

Sherry_6's picture

Brought tears to my eyes, you guys sooo touch every aspect of my life. Its like you see my life, and i cant think of any better group of guys to sing about it. Beautifully Unreal!

the big bad wolf's picture

great songs and wonderful

stephsjamn's picture

Spiritwolf you said it all - AMAZING!

Spiritwolf's picture

Only the word AMAZING, comes to mind...

Scott_20's picture

real life and emotions. not to mention Brent sings his heart out on every song.

Madness fuck da Grace's picture

best thing about you, guys, is that you put real life and feelings in songs,.. you are real ones and not trying to sell that.. that's rare thing now.. thank you for that.. and keep doing, what you are doing^^

jadams01's picture

Pure, unique genius. What choice was not yours?

driplover's picture

Couldn't have descibed my life any better myself.......Love your music!!!

amaryllis97's picture

This is my favorite song in the world! at least once a day I listen to this song. Right now I am learning this song on piano. I have the sheet music but it is very hard so I am just trying my best to get it correct.