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  • April 01, 2012

    The WHOLE family LOVES Amaryllis!!!

    We had a family gathering today to celebrate Easter (many of us will be out of town next week) and we debuted Shinedown's new album for our extended family; grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc!! The album was well received, especially Unity (we also pulled

  • April 01, 2012

    I'm a retired cop (yea, we're human too...appreciate GOOD rock music!) More importantly, the message of "Bully" is timely and vitally important coming from a mainstream giant like Shinedown.

  • April 01, 2012

    OMG, got the Wrestlemania 28 PPV and had a party during which I caught Shinedown's Adrenaline playing during the event - SWEET!!!!!! Grabbed the album and treated my guests to a screening while we emjoyed the show and I made EVERYONE get on their Twitter accounts; trending worldwide..."Sweet

  • April 02, 2012

    First, I'm not the most technically savvy person so please excuse the photo quality.

    My wife and I are long-time Shinedown fans and LOVE the new album; great melodies, lyrics and diversity. We couldn't wait to share it with our kids and they were instant fans as well.

  • April 02, 2012

    Our ENTIRE family (Mom, Dad, a 14 y/o daughter and 12 y/o son) loves the new album and is committed to it's promotion!!!

    No doubt High School provides ample opportunity to spread the word about Shinedown's Amaryllis but my son contends he can do AT LEAST equally well with his middle school crowd;



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