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Brent Smith
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I eat, breathe, live my family and band.....
United States
Brent Smith
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Knoxville, TN
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Anywhere peaceful
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Coca Cola in a glass bottle
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kalove's picture

Hi Brent, You saved my life I tried to email you once but I have been on a journey the last 5 yrs. I almost didn't make it I lost my children and I had a dream it was me on a swing in a field I thought I was talking to god, and I told him I couldn't go on, he told me I had to continue on, then about 5 months later I bought your album when the crow and the butterfly came out and I loved it but I was bouncing so hadn't had a chance to see the live in Kansas yet. I finally did and I know in my heart that I needed that its been a difficult ride but freedom from anything that is unhealthy weather an addiction or a bad relationship and to become who you are is not easy and to keep the faith that you are loved from above is the most powerful. I have yet to learn all I need I will never fully be finished in that, life is such and with Shinedown's music and inspiration I continue on., I just wanted to Thank you and know continuing on is difficult and the only one's who don't want you to are the jealous one's who know you really shine and they only want to take it away and I have learned how to shine again!

MusicsVoice's picture

I sent a letter to this email for the whole band I didn't know how to get a message to you all. please try to find and read my letter from Tyler Lee. Thank You. Rock On!

justingessner's picture

hello brent! i just wanted to leave a message and say that your music and lyrics have inspired me like no other bands ever have. i have been a drummer my whole life but just recently beginning to play my guitar a lot more and trying to sing. i have discovered how powerful music really is, through listening to shinedown. at my second carnival of madness this year, there was a moment during "if you only knew" (after your amazing speech about rock and roll, which gave me goosebumps because of how strongly i agreed with it) where in the chorus you looked at me, and pointed directly at me and said the line "the only thing i still believe in is you" and it changed my life man, all my doubts that ive had about changing this mad world with my music went away, and now im never going to give up my dream to be the frontman of a band who can really inspire people, who can really make a difference, and who can bring music to people that will let them know they are not alone!! i have two more carnival of madness shows im going to, this weekend, and i can not wait to see you guys again!! i just wanted to thank you for inspiring me so much, and for writing music that was there for me when it felt like nobody else was. i wanted to tell you how much your music inspired me but i wasnt able to afford the meet and greet package this year :/ hopefully next year i will be able to!! but anyway you guys rock and keep kicking ass like you guys have been!!!!!

sarahdianegeorge's picture

Hey Brent, it's me the one and only meet and greet person from last night, you guys were wonderful, the show was fantastic, and I had a great time, sorry for being like a giddy teenager lol.

KatieLewis's picture

show u guys 2 nights ago, ur sooo amazing!!!!

Nikita Pyatov's picture

Guys, I LOVE YOU! When you come to Russia? My dream is to get you to the concert. Please come to Moscow or St. Petersburg. I love your songs, they're fine. I play your songs on the guitar and really want to get your Autograph guitar. Please come, I LOVE YOU!

ChristinaHernandez's picture

you inspire me to be a more courageous person;and to fulfill my dreams.Thank you <3

ktlovesmusic's picture

I hope you guys are going to stick together for another couple of years. I love you guys and I would love to meet you! I've never met a huge band and it's either going to be you guys or papa roach. Idk when I'll have the money for it but I am going to make it happen eventually. Just don't split up I need you guys! You will always have my support forever and always. I can't tell you how much you guys have meant to me over the years. I've lost a few relationships and your songs are inspirational. I have so much to say! But I can't put in into words. Thank You so much for the hard work you've put in for us fans!

ktlovesmusic's picture

I hope you guys are going to stick together for another couple of years. I love you guys and I would love to meet you! I've never met a huge band and it's either going to be you guys or papa roach. Idk when I'll have the money for it but I am going to make it happen eventually. Just don't split up I need you guys! You will always have my support forever and always. I can't tell you how much you guys have meant to me over the years. I've lost a few relationships and your songs are inspirational. I have so much to say! But I can't put in into words. Thank You so much for the hard work you've put in for us fans!

lynn_d's picture

COMPLIMENT NECESSARY - Once again Shinedown out did themselves. Went to the (TOTALLY SOLD OUT) show at House of Blues in AC Saturday nite - I don't know how it's possible but they get better every time I see them (over a dozen X's). What I mean is I don't know how they can keep improving on perfection - it's simply amazing -- I had my usual meet n greet, which is run to perfection by Jake. Barry, Brent, Eric and Zach are just the most incredibly humble, down-to-earth, there-for-the-fans guys that I have no words. I am never disappointed. I now bring my niece to the shows/meet-n-greets and she is as amazed as I am at their professionalism, and level of perfection they display at every show and meet-n-greet. Love you guys!!!! New meet-n-greet pic to follow!!!!!!

MarkMiler's picture

Hey man, I have kidney disease and i'm a big fan, I probably will never get the chance to meet you. I just wanted to say Hi, I can't go to many places anymore....:'(

DelaneyS's picture

Why did you cut your hair?? D: I loved your hair it was awesome!

amayllis66's picture

Brent and the entire Shinedown family my name ia Andrea and I am one of your biggest fans!I have seen you guys every year and every time you have come to Wisconsin including the awesome acoustic show at the Riverside Theatre.Today I won tickets and qualified to meet you by singing "Bully" on 95WILLRock because I know every word to every song you all have ever made I really was confident that I could do it but I was so nervous that I blocked in the beginning but held on to my fathers cowboy hat who passed away in 2006 and he was with me and I won!I hear you talk about your family alot and my dad was the same way,full of love and pride. I want to thank you for being so honest about your struggles with addiction.I am a recovering alcoholic and my success has been achieved by believing in my higher power which I choose to call God but also due to the love and support of my children who are now 18 and 24.I also have a 4yr old grandson "Ayden" who also knows your songs.I sometimes have sick thoughts and I have to do is think about how hard it must be to be under so must pressure in your business and it helps me to make the next 24hrs go better. So many of your songs are a Godsend to me and I cant wait for the next CD.My daughter Amanda and I will be seeing you on May 8.Hopefully I will win the meet and greet so I can thank you for helping me with your words and your appreciation of how important family is.

spank222's picture


I'm writing you on behalf of my amazing friend Katrina. She is a die hard Shinedown fan and never misses an opportunity to see you live. Proof in point, last September she developed TEN or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, a rare life-threatening skin condition in which over 90 percent of her skin became detached and covered in blisters. She spent a month in the University of Wisconsin Burn Unit. The disease is so rare that not one Doctor there had ever seen TEN, but only Steven Johnson Syndrome, where up to 30 percent of the skin blisters. After leaving the hospital she had to move into her parents house for another month as TEN nearly took her vision. In December, she was finally cleared to go back to work and live on her own. Through the whole ordeal she has been an inspiration to everyone. The Doctors and Nurses could not believe how she was always in such a good upbeat mood with people poking and prodding at her all day long. I was fortunate to visit her everyday in the hospital and she truly is an inspiration, to see her strength and perseverance makes me proud to call her my friend. She is still recovering and healing, but has not let this stop her from seeing any of your shows when you come to the Madison area. In February we saw you play at the Alliant Energy Center, she said it was the best night she has had since getting sick. On May 9th she will turn 27 years old. Naturally I got her tickets to her see favorite band playing in Milwaukee at the Rave May 8th, and I'm not talking about Bush. I know that there is no meet and greet at this event as I have inquired with the Rave venue, but If you could take 2 minutes and take a photo of her or wish her happy birthday I know it would be a night she will never forget. And something she undoubtedly deserves. Thank you for time.

jaymer's picture

Hey Brent ur voice is the best! I could listen to you all day long Teresa is very lucky if I was her I would have you sing to me all day ur voice and songs just soothe me! I came from jax to meet you all in Orlando just wondering what you all our doing for a meet and greet in jax because there hasn't been anything posted yet! just would like to meet you again so maybe I could talk this time instead of just saying "I would buy anything from you" like a dummy when u thanked me for buying the record much love to you and the guys!

KarenSrednier's picture

No stories to tell you, no bullshit to spread, I just simply love who you are, what you stand for & what you do! I am a better person after seeing your shows in Minneapolis & La Crosse. Thank You Man.

eingma's picture

The concert in Lincoln, NE was my first time seeing SHINEDOWN and it was by far the best live show experience I have ever had! In all my years I have seen many concerts, some good, and some bad. But this one will be playing in my mind and soul for a very long time.

It was also a pleasure to meet the band during the meet and greet prior to the show. I hope Eric’s ankle is healing up for him; it most definitely had no effect on his playing, as he sounded awesome! You meet so many I doubt you would remember us. Older guy with my lovely lady and daughter who was going to her first concert…she loved it! She wanted to say thank you to Barry for the drumstick! (Hint – the almost worn out white “Put your hands in the air” T-shirt? Brent noticed it)

It is a real pleasure to see and hear a band who does understand the difference between rock music being treated as a “genre” and to really live thru the sound, lyrics, and the story. Rock music is forged by places, times, and sounds of our lives. To those who don’t understand it you will usually get the response of “It’s too loud” or “I can’t understand the words” we’ll all you have to do is let your heart and mind open up to listen.

Brent, Barry, Eric, and Zach you guys rock! You have combined many facets of rock music to provide a strong driving sound and energy level to your fans while staying down to earth and sincere about common people’s life struggles. Well Done! The four of you make up the four cornerstones of the band called SHINEDOWN. Where each of you bring an individual and unique skill set that when combined…JUST FUCKING ROCKS!

Well in closing I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful concert and to let you know that even a fifty year old can still have a kick ass time in the front row, against the rail, front of the Pit! Looking forward to your next performance, rock on and good fortune to you all!
Eric Ingman
Userid in the fan club - EINGMA

Dirtrider94's picture

You have changed my life in so many ways. What you do means the world to me. Thankyou.

aimeelovesshinedown's picture

Me too! They are the best!!!

prettypiper's picture

The band came to OKC 3.21.13 & IT WAS THE BEST SHOW, however the band didn't perform I DARE YOU and BURNING BRIGHT. We still had a blast, got lots of pictures. When you come back to OKC please add those two songs in the line up. Thank you!!

Beowulf1325's picture

Please read this. I am a huge fan of your work but I never can attend a concert... Ever since I was 7 I have heard your music but I have never praised you for it. If you are reading this Brent, please send me your autograph. My address is 1011 Pisa Court, pearland, Texas. Zip is 77094 I think. My favorite songs are sound of madness, the crow and the butter fly, and second chance. Please reply soon...

Darlin1996's picture

I just wanted to tell you, and I know you've probably heard it a lot, but you really have saved my life with your music. I was at the concert last night and I'm not sure if you remember me but you signed my CD and wrote happy birthday to me, my name is Laurel. But during the concert you told the crowd to think of the songs that have built us up when we were down, and all I could think of where your songs, and I'm not just talking to you, I mean all of you guys, all of Shinedown has inspired me. All of you have brought be back from places I didn't think I could come back from. And like I said you guys probably hear it all the time but thank you, thank you for making me strong. Also thank you for one of the best birthdays I have every had, all of you put on an amazing show and ...I honestly couldn't have asked for anything more. I saw my favorite band and I shook the hand of all my idles (Except Eric but i still saw him in concert). Seeing you guys preform was amazing and meeting you brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could find better words to explain how much Shinedown being there has saved me and guided me.

Thanks for an amazing birthday,

TatianaEmeninine's picture

I am a foreigner, I just started listing to rock music and you guys are the best so far. I like UNITY, I'LL FOLLOW YOU, BULLY, ENEMIES and Brent :) and so much more. Thank you for making me like rock music.

jay1115's picture

You all are a talented group and put forth a powerful performance. I've seen you 4 times, once in Memphis and 3 times in LR. Brent....somehow you speak to me. I first heard an interview with you with LA Loyd a few years ago and Otis....Yeah I can't count how many evenings I've sat on my porch in the hills whistling to Dock of the Bay picturing myself on the beach. But last week I heard a phone conversation you had with Corey and Patrick with The Edge in LR and you inspired me. It's only been a week but I've gone those seven days, one day at a time, saying I'm not having a drink today. These past seven days my eyes have been brighter than they've been in a WHILE and more than anything bro I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the awesome, clear, quality time I've had with my son this past week, I saw it in his eyes how happy he's been that dad isn't dulling heartache with a drink. He's only 8 and hasn't fully realized that I was messed up but I know he felt something wasn't real. I can't thank you enough for this positive influence, though you weren't even trying. A lil FYI about me, I youtube acoustic performances from my favs to see and know how you all feel about what you're singing and so that I know what the message truly is. You're an inspiration man, thank you!!

CookieMonstah's picture

Hey Brent.

SO this is a little weird, cuz I'm 23 and this is the first time I'm leaving a fan page comment, and I seriously don't know what I;m supposed to say,lol.I'm a doctor working overseas, and I write poetry and songs in my free time. Here's the thing. You guys have such an intense combination of really good lyrics, amazing music and an obviously working chemistry. ANd what I've read about you guys so far makes me think you're incredible people too. So! Thanks for the great music, some days when I come home and need to calm the f*#@ down, you guys are the only thing that 'home' sounds like. Thank you for that.

Maybe if I'm lucky I'll actually see or meet you guys some day. Who knows>

Peace man

davis114's picture

Suppose I'll try to keep this to the point. I started listening to you guys back at Leave a Whisper, in high school. After I graduated, I had a fiance cheat and leave, followed by a woman too selfish to even begin to bear, along with some horrendous medical procedures that left me so mentally scarred I didn't think I'd ever be the same. Started with a lightning strike that ended up severely damaging my nervous system.

The five years after high school were dark times for me. But every time I really didn't think I'd make it another night, listening to you guys really drove me on. Each album got better and better, laced with more poetic justice and beauty. It helped me keep going, each time I didn't think I could.

Finally, Unity helped me achieve the breakthrough in my Post Traumatic Stress treatments that I'd been working toward for so long. In truth, I really am finally not scared, and your music really helped me more than I could ever say to get to this point. I'm whole and well, for the first time in years.

I know you must hear sob stories all the time from people that love your music. I suppose mine is just another one. But, for what it's worth, and with everything I've got, thank you so much. You gave me a hand up off my knees, without even knowing it. I'll never forget it.

rockangel26's picture

Brent! I cannot thank you enough for the warmth, the hospitality and just everything you bring when you perform. It was my first time ever seeing you guys here in Rochester, NY and you guys blew me away! Then after with the meet and greet, I honestly was like a little kid all over again. You are so sweet, and down to earth! And just meeting you, getting a hug from you and talking with you truly made my night and is a very high highlight in my life. I can't wait to see you guys again. Come back soon and this time I'm getting a vip meet and greet with you guys! Still can't believe I got to meet you guys! And ps, you look AMAZING!!! And you are an amazing showman!

meandmolly's picture

Hope All of You are well :O) 1st Brent Congratulations on getting and staying Healthy, you look like you feel great. NOW,,Queeny and I were at the Feb 17th Show in Reading PA - WAS AWESOME ! I just got my hearing back but still have no voice :O) WE HAD A BLAST ! We had a Meet and Greet with Three Days Grace, HUGS N KISSES all around :O) We did see you guys but were not able to actually come over :O(
security, but I did blow kisses, hope ya caught them. I would of loved to have my Mandala Hoodie Signed but unfortunately someone was a "BULLY" and stole it, (SUCKS)! actually I dropped it on the floor while ROCKIN, we were not too far from the stage next to us there was a mosh going on, and that was that, we were pushed away and I couldn't grab it, that would of been really dangereous since I am only 4' 11" and 130 lbs, I woulda got smooshed,and when I was able to get back it was gone :O(.... but as soon as I get paid again I will try to get another, it was a xmas gift too, that made it suck even more. When I am able to get a new one I will save it and I can bring it for your autographs next time your on the east coast. I have a Trivium sweatshirt that I wear so much you can't even see the signatures on it anymore, but (I) know they are still there.

My kitten MOLLY, LOVES LOVES LOVES when I play The Crow and The Butterfly, she gets all lovey and purrrrs real loud. Molly is a great kitten. Well, I will keep Rockin with you guys until we see You again ! Hope your tour goes well and all of you stay safe and healthy. Can't wait to see you all again.
Love Always.....BIG HUGS n KISSES.............Rose M

psawyer's picture

Hi! Gonna see you guys Friday night in Rochester, but cant find any ticketless meet and greet :( ??

colormemax's picture

Thanks for the awesome show here at home in Knoxville!!! Total of 5 times seeing you guys between here and the festivals and they have all been amazing shows!!!

bambam0099's picture

My wife and I are flying down from Upstate, NY to Orlando, FL March 9th just to catch your concert...can't wait!

Navyguy343's picture

Hey, I met you last night at the Battle Creek concert. I was really glad when the whole band thanked me for my service. Like I said last night I was overseas and listened to you nonstop. One of my guys got hit by a suicide vest and after I listened to your songs it really calmed me down. I would really like to talk to you sometime over email or something like that. If you could my email is thanks so much for putting on an amazing concert last night.

gamefreak75's picture

Hey Brent I am one of your greatest fans. I have been wanting to meet you guys so bad that I dreamed I was in a concert and I got to meet you. I wish I could get a autograph from you guys on my electric guitar. I am a sophmore in High School and you have inspired me to play the guitar. Send me an Email at thank you. Also send me a message when you are going to be in Maine maybe we could meet. Let me know when you are going to be in the portland area

Corie cremeans's picture

Loveeeeeee you ! Saw u in Huntington wv best show ever ! Also got to meet u at Walmart !!!

lovebug79's picture

OMG!!!! I'm attending my very first concert tonight and its to see you guys:) Can't wait!!!

sperry3's picture

Brent where can i begin .......... well thank you first off , your music has literally saved my life and you've inspired me so much in every aspect of my life and even my song writing is so strongly affected by you Brent you have the power to change the world and i will always be your true supporter i love shinedown and all of you guys for that matter thank you again for getting me through all the good and the bad times of my life from my abusive father and the death of my mother and later my grandmother ,i have only survived this because of you thank you again and again shinedown forever

Liindee's picture

I'm looking forward to see you guys in Belgium, Europe this year! I love you guys ! you are amazing !

lovebug79's picture

Happy Belated B-Day Mr. Smith :) Love U Guys keep up the great work and have an awesome tour

JeffMorris's picture

New Daisy !!!!!!

AWESOME...... 2hr drive but worth it!

marcelina-pl's picture

We waiting for the next concert in Poland ! We love you !

valkyrie72's picture

Sooo waiting for the show in Pensacola...finally something decent! And close enough to my birthday to celebrate! :D

Macdonald1506's picture

You guys are amazing..
thats all i can say.

lisahippy's picture

My son spoils me. He knows I love to swing and listen to music and I dropped my MP3 in the mud puddle at the schoolyard the other night. I was bummed cuz I just "really" got well, obsessed with Shinedown. So I am in bed with the flu and he shows up with an ipod and bought Amaryllis online and downloaded a bunch of other songs for me! (And the family said I was a bad example at one time for taking my kids to concerts when they were young. How do ya like me now?)

colintraynor96's picture

i think your music is awesome and it really opened my eyes to the outside world. all of your songs have a meaning and values to them. you guys are bringing back rock. thanks for not sounding like nickelback and following that alternative rock trend that is so popular.shinedown is by far my favorite band and i hope to see you someday in the bay area.

colin age 16 from cali

valkyrie72's picture

Listening to Amaryllis and can't find that one song I don't found a new theme song with "I'm Not Alright." Good job!

soakes's picture

Saw you at Uproar in Burgettstown, PA. Absolutely love Shinedown and you. You could sing me into zen...most amazing voice ever on top of being hot and a nice guy. Cannot wait to see you again!!!

lovebug79's picture

Hey guys glad to see you all made it back home in one peace. Hope the tour went well and hope to see you guys again in 2013.

Malka's picture

For my birthday this year, my brother took me to the Uproar Fest in Dallas. I was beyond blown away. I was a semi fan before that concert, but am now officially solidified as a huge fan. I literally get ready in the morning every day listening to y'all. There is something about your music that makes me feel better about ... well everything. On a side note, after watching Godsmack, we really didn't expect y'all to top them. Y'all did. Hard core. My brother will now be going to every Shinedown concert that comes to town. On top of that, I got meet you guys and y'all were beyond sweet and down to earth. That is rare. Y'all aren't just bad ass musicians, but real human beings as well and you havn't forgotten that. Your show could have sucked, and meeting you alone would have made my day. Bottom line, best birthday ever!!!! :)

YannaKirkos's picture

I love you. I love your music :)

MissGiggles's picture

Hey, i was at the edinburgh gig on halloween , you guys were amazing :) your gigs are the best ive ever seen it always lifts my spirits :) cant wait for next time :) you guys rule xxx