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A bit of an old metal coot, not exactly banging like a beast anymore, but approvingly nodding to the grind. In order to keep some coolness, I done some stage time with some underground bands like Lycantrope, Mindlink, Loctite and some even more obscure little projects. While I like the old 80's British metal stuff, I still keep my ears open for stuff I never heard before and I am not too narrow minded to appreciate some new things happening
Farting, drinking beer and scratching my arse
Favorite Bands: 
Iron maiden, Saxon, Accept, Voivod, Metallica, crimson Glory, Darkstar, Tribe after Tribe, dreamtheatre, Queensryche and much more
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Too many to mention, but iron maiden in Phoenix AZ 2001 with Motorhead and Dio as support act was pretty neat
Yes! I want to discover more artists like Shinedown : 
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