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The Sound of Madness (Deluxe Edition)

Release date: 
June 24, 2008
Total Tracks: 


Dyani.shores's picture

Awesome! there's just no other word to describe it!

Anonymous's picture

One of my favorites.

laurab3227's picture

When I am doing my coursework im always listening to Shinedown. I was introduced to call me by one of my friends and i completely fell in love with Shinedown!! love The crow & the butterfly, Devour, call me, second chance, sound of madness, what a shame and if you only knew. it describes me all the time... LOVE SHINEDOWN

Georgia's picture

this says me way too much.... my bf introduced me to ur work. awesome

KitKatKatie8793's picture

I love The Sound of Madness album so much I've almost played my CD to death. And by "To death" I mean it won't play all the songs anymore, and no, there's not a scratch on it. It won't play Call Me at all anymore. It skips on If You Only Knew, Second Chance, and sometimes on The Crow & The Butterfly. So I gotta get a new copy.(Or 3 copies lol.) But I think I'll get the Deluxe Edition this time. \m/o.O\m/

Carlisle's picture

Best album ever from any artist

michelle_6's picture

you guys kick ass , I cant get enough of u

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Second Chance's picture

I am a Shinedown addict. Constantly listening to them, I love their music so much!! I can sing almost all their songs by HEART!! I AM LIKE YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN!!

lefteris's picture

call me makes me wonderfull love from greece!

IloveShinedown3's picture

i love breaking inside(:

J Michael D's picture

Truly one of your best albums!

Shawn211's picture

Love the song, Sound of Madness. Shinedown Rocks!!!

meri's picture

I love you guys and your music but i must admit i am an eye candy junkie and would rather watch AND listen to you! o your HOTNESSES xoxox

Tree's picture

Love all your song's "second chance" is a very special and sad song for me as my daughter Hayley loves it due to reference to Hale's comet. Last year she was very ill, in hospital been tube fed through her nose into her stomach for treatment of annorexia nervosa aged only 13. I remember one day walking my dog and crying my heart out listening to "second chance" and deciding that I would use it at my daughters funeral if she didn't pull through. One year later my beautiful daughter is still ill, but at home at a health weight, she wil be 15 in a few weeks - she is making the most of her second chance and she didn't have to say goodbye xx She still manages a smile even though she had lived through "the sound of madness"

Hayley if you read this - I love you and am so very proud of you xx

Bdawson's picture

After watching Shinedowns Somewhere in the Stratosphere acoustic dvd all of their songs affect me very much, especially the song 45 because i've been there and pretty much did the same thing. Thank You Shinedown for speaking to me through your music.

g7sweetie's picture

I love you shinedown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rballard231's picture

shinedown rules

Lola1050's picture

OMG!! I just heard "Call Me" and I totally love it!!!!!

Lola1050's picture

My favorite out of all is Second Chance. I also like If you only knew, The Crow and the Butterfly,
The Sound Of Madness, Devour.

vicki_6's picture

Best album ever I wish they would come to Maine.

jacci's picture

WoW great tune!

dhollis15's picture

woot cyanide sweet tooth suicude is awsome!!!!!

dragoon473's picture

i like second chance and sund of madness alot

Tre Marie's picture

I love your work. I absolutely love Second Chance, If you only knew, Her name is Alice...really, i just love all the songs!!!! There's too many to name, and not nearly enough space...

amaryllis97's picture

I ? this album! I ? every album by Shinedown lol

mbjeep91's picture

This is the best album I have ever heard. Every song is just perfect.

dragoon473's picture

omgomgomgomgomgomgomg why im i saying omg? oh well omgomgomgomgomgomgomomg lol

Pamela_2's picture

Shinedown is one of my all time favorite bands. I don't say this lightly. I am 52 and was raised by a professional musician who taught me to have an appreciation for all types of music. This band blows me away... voice instrumentals lyrics the total package!

kimmiesmylez's picture

"Call Me" is one of the best songs i've ever heard!!!!! Thanx guys u FREEKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!