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The Sound of Madness

Release date: 
June 24, 2008
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Peteypoohs's picture

There are just some absolutely awesome tracks on this album! Top, top stuff!

GabrielleBrower's picture

this is the only album where i know all the songs by heart

TomAklestad's picture

My newest album added today to my music collection.. Rock on! Keep up the awesomeness..

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shepsean's picture

Thanks to Denise for turning me on to this band. If she only really knew....

Mistro's picture

My daughter loves this song!!! Go Shinedown!!!

Mistro's picture

I'm on my second chance!!! Love Shinedown!!!

Eliza_3's picture

I love this song & the video is sooooooooo coool i love this band

frozenwater18's picture

WOOHHHH shinedown meh fave band by a long shot!!

Jadie's picture

Best album ever!!!

fallen72's picture

call it

gamefreak75's picture

in the music video of sound of madness Brent reminds me of rob zombie

gamefreak75's picture

shinedown is addicting to listen to I became hooked when I learned they sang the song 45 then I got into them.

fallen72's picture

shinedown..what can i of the best bands of today...ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damngood13's picture

gota love shinedown they never dissapoint........SHINEDOWN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

fallen72's picture

sin with a grin is one of the best songs here

dave_28's picture

Devour, i just can't get bored with this track, for me it goes alongside Paraniod, Smoke on the Water etc., it deserves it, am i the only person in England to have heard it?????, keep rocking everyone, the only way.

shane almaroad's picture

love your music guys!!!!!! im 40 yrs old and love rock music!! hell yeah keep on jammin

Luci's picture

This is way much better than my Shinedown Pandora station... this is the real thing... just can't get enough...

dcbrickey's picture

I wrote the book on pain also!

hi-my-name-is01's picture

i am 11 and this wuz the first album i ever lisend to that is rock

Violetshinedown13's picture

I'm 12 and i luv luv luv all your songs espessially call me :)

Shannonmarie11's picture

Great Album!! I can really get into every song and love to sing along too :)

Smith4reds's picture

I'm 13 and my favorite song by you guys is probaly Call me

robert_4's picture

I'm 49 years old and love your music. Envious of your ability to put emotion to words and music. Impressive.

Blatherskite3's picture

Unfortunately, I can't pick a favorite song from this album. It's my favorite, and the songs are all so touching and I can relate to all of them in some form or another.

dave_28's picture

dave. just can't get fed up with this band.

HzAFatAzzMonkey's picture

This song fits me and my ex husband

skyguy2016's picture

art at its finest keep it up

MICHELLE_10's picture

My favorite band of all time. They may of the rock genre but their lyrics are pure and simple poetry, very deep! To sum it up in one word.............


Keep rockin' guys-your fans love you!!