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Live From the Inside DVD

  • Live From the Inside DVD

    Release Date: August 23, 2005
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Release date: 
August 23, 2005
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Big Daddy 22's picture

Just got my tickets for tonight, Oakdale in Ct. Last minute is much better than missing it completly

gypsy1977's picture

I hope that all ofthe members of shinesdown are going to be able to read this at some point! If I had 3 wishes that would be one of them. There's no way that I could ever type everything on here that I have to say about my life and what I have been through.. But its been hell t say the least. After the man I was suppose to share the rest of my life with, was killed in 2000, a drug addiction, a prison sentence, nearly dying myself, and now having to live with some called fibromyalgia, Your music has brought me through the worst times of my life. You all are beautiful people! I just want to thank you so very much! I will always be a huge fan, and maybe one day be able to see you live. Its a dream of mine. I am now 34, have a 19 yr old son thats now a father, and a daughter that is 17, she lives in Belize doing mission work. I am now clean from METH Jan 1 2012 will be 5 yrs. THANKS SHINEDOWN!! PEACE, LOVE, ND CHICKEN GREASE. I'm on facebook under Kristina Lundquist, Gainesville GA I'm the gothic looking one with all the tats!

Trev96's picture

This is a spectacular DVD! This is what a concert should really be like. Lots of energy was put into the songs. One of the best live performances I've seen on DVD!

amaryllis97's picture

I this dvd and it is awsome! I ? Shinedown

Bullwinkle501's picture

I was at this concert.....AWESOME doesn't begin to describe it!!!!!!

wefefwef's picture

It is almost immposible to buy in Poland shinedown CD or DVD ...

Crystal_17's picture

this cd/dvd was AWESOME!!! Shinedown is definitely my #1 FAVORITE band!!!!!!!! My only complaint is the What A Shame video.... I guess I just don't get it????.... Otherwise then that, it was great!!!!

Rrider's picture

Ok, it's years later. Just viewed the video based on your comment. It's about a life gone ... flat lined .. what a shame. ... what could have been. Have you ever been solo on a train through a large city, Chicago, New York, San Francisco? Recommend it. Reach deep. You will find it, if you haven't already. Hope so. Life is short.

mosey's picture

this is what a live concert should be everyone who witnessed this concert was blessed

lorimemory's picture

AWESOME does not describe this CD. My prayer now is that they'll put one out after finishing with the Carnival of Madness tour. Everyone one of you are gorgeous & f**n rock.

Stacy Gardell's picture

This is an amazing DVD! I hope for another one soon!