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Leave A Whisper (Deluxe Edition)

Release date: 
February 23, 2009
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Jessie11192010's picture

Soo amazing!!! LOVE SHINEDOWN!!!!

c1ucme's picture

Loving Loving it.... Awesome music...pure rock...pure talent..thanks

Manu's picture

love your music ... your concert in Berlin/Germany was a blast ... thx!!!

katia regina dutra leite's picture

Very good music

guitar's picture

This album has the most best of all of Shine Down's songs

LeonardoTurel's picture

Mi First Shinedown album, i Love this albun, 45, no more love, burning brigth.

KIMI's picture

It's like you know my life.
Love your music, it gives me hope.

Whissssssssper's picture

Peace Out

Whissssssssper's picture

If i got a shinedown star t-shirt i will jam a song

Mike_37's picture

When it comes to Shinedown there can't really be dislikes or likes, just damn amazing or screw off.

JJG's picture

shinedowns awsome and ill always be a fan even post-mortem

_Daphne_'s picture

in memory is my fav song on this one and lost in the crowd

shinedown45's picture

45 this song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lola1050's picture

My Favorite Song on this album has to be "45"! Brent's voice is just so so so cool!

vicki_6's picture

He has a voice thats un real love all there stuff.

LadyMariola's picture

I LOVE this album! Piece by piece: 45, Burning Bright, Fly From The Inside, No More Love, In Memory, Stranger Inside, Crying Out??, All I Ever Wanted, Lost In The Crowd, Crying Out??, Simply Man, Live a Whisper ... :))) I don't know which song is better ... I LOVE ALL!

... And BRENT'S VOICE ... WOW!!!

amaryllis97's picture

I ? shinedown and Leave a Whisper (Deluxe Edition) I ? all of Shinedown's songs and albums! right now I am listening to Shinedown. They are my favorite band in the world! they are the best band in the world! If anybody has not heard one of Shinedown's songs than they have not heard true music!

kat56bee's picture

kat56bee This is the best music and Brent you are awesome, I listen to you everyday. I might be 57 years old but I know the best when I hear it. And thats ShineDown. Thanks for the Great sound. Please come to NC.

fschaal_2's picture

I wish Shinedown would put out an acoustic album!

Kimberly_8's picture

This is way too funny, yall. The first time I heard this song I thought it said "Barny Fife", staring down the barrel of a Barney Fife, like from Mayberry. My son was playing the song in his bedroom and I could not hear it correctly. I did determine that it could be the same. Staring down the barrel of an inept cop or any one else that holds a gun at your face, figuratively could be the same.

shinedownrocks5's picture

Keep on makin the great albums!

shinedownrocks5's picture

All your songs are awesome, I listen to them every day. 45 and Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide are my favorites.

Come back to Fort Wayne, Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magicdance's picture

Shinedown = National treasure

tigereyes47's picture

great songs just found out about your music i love it!!!!

Monimonimoni's picture

Simple man accoustic just steals my heart! I love it!

Monimonimoni's picture

One of the BEST modern rock bands out there!

Chelseepelham3shinedown's picture

Shinedown is the best:D Saw them at the carnival of madness, in detroit :D best concert EVER

Kary's picture

Kind of new to Shinedown, Discovered them about May of this year (2010), Except i had heard Simple Man before that. They are totally awesome. Made me realize why i love ROCK!! I had bought the Sound of Madness C.D. and after listening to that had to get the other 2.. All the songs are on the other 2 c.d.'s are Awesome!!.Not money wasted at all. Sometimes you can get a c.d of a band and the reason you get it is because of a couple of songs you have heard and then most of the time ends up being all that was good. Not with Shinedown, it's a a Shame all of their songs can't be released as singles..

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the shinedown dude's picture

im staring down the barrell of a 45