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Her Name Is Alice

Release date: 
March 2, 2010
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Muirsadie's picture

What a great tune, this rates right up there with Bully,Sound Of Madness, Diamond Eyes, it is just as good as all these great songs...Awesome job Shinedown...

CarolinaRibas's picture

Amazing song! Simply love it!

TheAliceProject's picture

Awesome song! This song should be in the Resident Evil and Alice in Wonderland. I love it<3

wizard_2's picture

Love this one! Then again - love them all! You guys are amazing!

IloveShinedown3_2's picture

Can't wait until May 18,2012!!

Angel_5's picture

I wonder if you could play this song at concrete street, corpus!! I'll be there watching!

devl hart's picture

this is another one of your best. i just love it. planning of getting a tat of alice, hatter and all

BOOM's picture

Shinedown = Amazing!

bound by reason's picture

shinedown is the all their music...keep on keeping on dudes

iridescent's picture

I don't know how but this band just keeps getting better and better and i like it! its been awhile since a band has had power but this band definitely has the power by their grip!

killerbunny410's picture

Cool song

karanicole's picture

I heart Brent!!!

CaseyKaye's picture

Amazing :o)

Holbrookrwh's picture

Such an AWESOME Band!!! They keep getting better & better!!!

frekin awesome dude's picture

awesome i love this song

fallen72's picture

its creepy...i like it

Whitney Evans Hildebrand's picture

Been a fan since 2003. They just get better and better, and Brent gets hotter and Hotter! This song is fricken FLAWLESS!!!!

Beverly_2's picture

All I have to say is Shinedown kicks ass!!! They truly are the best band, and one of my new favorites!!! I Love everything they have done and cant wait for anything new they come up with!!

Jnew's picture

Best group I have ever had the honor to seduce my ear holes!!!

dcbrickey's picture

In my opinion this is the best song going hands down!Brent has the best voice in rock he is up there with Paul Rogers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJMinon's picture

I gotta echo BLOODMARE335. First time I heard Shinedown was an acoustic version of 45, i was hooked and have been addicted ever since.

hi-my-name-is01's picture

I love this song so much and the first time i heard rock, hard rock, etc. this wus the first song i lisened to!

celrod34's picture

ive been listening to shinedown and love their music. have 4 cds and looking to collect them all. my cd player in my truck has 3 shinedown cds in it. by far my favorite band

kdd25's picture

Im a huge country fan and love the 80s but I have been addicted to shinedown for about 4-5yrs now...AMAZING by far my favorite ipod is constatnly set to these guys

Second Chance's picture

I agree with you guys, Brent has an amazing voice and knows how to use it!! Barry definately can rock the drums, Zach knows how to rock the guitar, and Eric is awesome at playing the bass. They all go together so well I'm so in love with Shinedown its not even funny. I first heard Second Chance and it was my favorite song by them, then like a year down the road If You Only Knew came on the xm radio so I looked and it was Shinedown. I remember finding that song in our itunes library that night and also putting on Sound of Madness. I then fell in love with those songs. this year we were down at the ebach and my brother had decided to turn on some Shinedown and once again I instantly fell in love with Atmoshphere and put it on my ipod the week we got back. Ever since then i kept listening to Shinedown, put more and more songs on my ipod including Call Me, Save Me, 45, and many others. i then started downloading songs, one being Breaking Inside and plan on buying more here shortly when I get a chance. Normally if I obsess this much over one band or artist or song im sick of it by now but im not one bit less interested in Shinedown then before so you can truly tell im in love with this band!!

fistofmetal's picture

One word I would use to describe this song, "P-E-R-F-E-C-T!" So dreamy and moody!

jaylachance's picture

Amazing :)

Bloodmare335's picture

I fell in love with Brent when I first heard "45" and have followed ever since. He did an amazing job with this, as usual :)

blackops20's picture

best song ever

callingmoonlight's picture

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I nearly dropped when I heard Brent's voice. It's too perfect and wow, it's something I can just sway to. It's almost like being in a weird dream. LOL. I wonder if there is a music video for it. I think Brent would look hot as the Mad Hatter. ;)