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March 27, 2012
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'FOR YOUR SAKE: Inside the Making of Shinedown's Amaryllis'. Available now on the iBookstore!

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 OMG guys u need to go bck on touuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

matsuhunter's picture

Crossing my fingers that " For My Sake" Makes it to radio soon and Video !!!

Wicho Shadow's picture

What masterpiece!!!! I love this band and I hope that you guys come to Mexico City, you guys helped me pass through hard times and nothing would compare to sing your songs at your show, thanks...

JaileStabyourownHeartLitaker's picture

Amaryllis is by far the best album ever made to listen to! I fell in love with it almost a year a go and it is still my go to when I need something to listen to

KendralynMoore's picture

Just saw them in the Mix 94.1 Music Lounge. Awesome!!!!

RebeccaAlmager's picture

My sisters and I got to see Shinedown this past Friday and I must say it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Also got to attend the meet and greet, and the guys were just wonderful, it made my daughter's day when she got to have her guitar signed by the guys. Thank you so much for all you do. I hope you come back to Tx soon.

Rrider's picture

I am so hooked. Madison, Pensacola and Belton last night. Brent has so much class. People were throwing beers and he handled it with such rock-n-roll respect. Met him back stage in Pensacola and he is just as cool off stage. What an amazing show they put on. HIGHLY recommend you catch this tour. So worth a trip to wherever you can get it. Of course the albumn rocks. They work so well together as a group and bring it all together live with their energy and showmanship. Shinedown .... I will follow you down ;-)

Whissssssssper's picture

Bully And Enemies And Unity Are The Best In amaryllis!

victoriajeantracy's picture

This album is amazing. I play it over and over. Looking forward to the show.

Nicky Cee's picture

This CD was my favorite Father's Day present. Miracle is fantastic - perfect wedding song. Amaryllis leaves me smiling every time, too. No day passes me by without listening to Shinedown!

iloveshinedown8's picture

oh my goodness, this is an amazing album! probably because it belongs to Shinedown! ;) They are an amazing band! and there songs actually have meaning!!!<3 i cant believe this cd was only $10 at the concert i went to! #may.18th.2012!!<33(:

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I love this album so much. I listen to it every single morning as soon as I get up. Shinedown is my fave band of all time and every time I hear their songs it makes my day go great. Love what you guys do keep up the good work.

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I just want to say amazing album, Through the ghost is by far my favorite song.

Muirsadie's picture

Great album. These guys are my new favorite rock band. I just started listening to them about a month ago and i can't stop listening to them.

Marina SunShine's picture

Great work,lovely album and i cant stop listen it!great that every song is different and with own little history,like little journey...start listen Shinedown only a few weeks ago...but i like all your songs,all albums,and you make great music and Brent have amazing voice,he really charms me...and a great that i can feel a natural sense of each song!you guys on right way!Much more thanks to you for your hard work,for music which you gift for us,for beautiful songs,it make my life better!wish you big big successful carrier,great concerts and inspiration and strength for future masterpieces!!!Love you all,Marina from RIGA,LATVIA.

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One of my favorite songs that you guys made is bully it is a outstanding song when i first listened to it i was amazed it is a amazing song

Sara Freund1234567's picture

And I love you guys so much.

Sara Freund1234567's picture

Please come back to Iowa or Omaha sometime again this year or next bc I really want to see you guys again your guys music help me get through life & my struggles in life you guys saved my life. And it would be my second time seeing you guys if you guys come back i'll do anything if guys came back in Iowa or Omaha.

Luci's picture

Can't get enough, even my little girl can sing all the songs (except the ones with the F word that I have to skip...)

lorisoyars's picture

u guys are not one of my favorite bands,u are my all time favorite band..i have everything from all ur cd's to dvd's,i have everyone.u have never done a song tht i didnt like,i love all ur music...i am truly a die-hard fan and my 11 year old is learning ur new album on his drums =,he has learned eveything else.anyway i will always be a faithful fan!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST,I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

KatieBlack's picture

I LOVE this album!!!! I play it in the car and all of the songs grow on you!! My 5 year old LOVES it!!!! He always ask me to put it on before we leave!!!

georgia1997's picture

i LOVE this album! for my sake is my favourite from this album, cant wait until you tour again in the UK loved it last time when you guys performed in the manchester academy on valentines day with halestorm.

Terri Fisher's picture

Absolutely LOVE this new album! For My Sake rocks. Of course all the other songs are fabulous. When you play at HOB Myrtle Beach June 30th, please play "Shed Some Light" & "Call Me". Look me up & we'll go party after the show. Love, Terri, @Poolqueen60

DanaeWeierWetrich's picture

It is magical!!! Each album you release is completely outstanding!!!! I have to say my favorite on Amaryllis is Through the ghost....recently lost my companion in life and this song has helped in the healing process......also two thumbs up with Bully!!!! Was an experience to actually get your autographs this past sunday...May 13th and to see you perform live at lazerfest in Boone IA....this was my 2nd time seeing you live....Don't know how you do it, but you just get better each time!!!! Thank you for a wonderful Mother's Day concert!!!! and thanks to my son and daughter in law for the awesome Mother's Day gift of the ticket to attend....memories to treasure forever!

AshleyHaun's picture

Through The Ghost, is the best, I can't listen to it enough!!!

LuciaLuna's picture

Linda la cancion..!!! me encanta ..!! =D

Rooda's picture

I love Amaryllis, my favourite song will always be Enemies but I also love My Name, Nowhere kids and Adrenaline. Actually I love the hold album. I can't wait until Shinedown tour again. Come back to London soon, PLEASE. I missed you last time :(